Urbanity Campus Tachov - GAMA Building

URBANITY Campus Tachov is located within walking distance to the city center and offers its Clients complete amenities including apart from industrial buildings medical care, customised relax zones or 24/7 security and our own property management. GAMA building was customised to the Client needs and it is the newest built property within the Campus. The concept of further development of the Campus includes kindergarten, grocery, ATM, training rooms or for example accommodation including managerial flats and kindergarden. Urbanity Campus Tachov is currently going through the BREEAM Communites certification and would became the first certified project in the world where major part of the area is consisted of the industrial buildings. We believe that our concept that includes also smart energy solutions brings added value to our Clients and gives them competitive advantage within the region.
Name(s) of investor(s) Urbanity Development a.s.
Name(s) of investor(s)
Urbanity Development a.s.

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