NREP’s mission is to make real estate better by combining great ideas and solid insights with long-term capital and entrepreneurial people. NREP represents boldness in bringing new and innovative solutions and pushing the sustainability agenda in the Polish PRS market.

Our Serviced Living offering, initially focused on the co-living format will be an innovative addition to the Polish PRS market. The co-living concept is about community, flexibility, services and providing the comforts of a hotel and the feeling of a home. We will offer our customers a fully equipped studio with its own bathroom and kitchen as well as regular cleaning. Tenants will also have common areas for their use featuring a gym, working areas, TV and gaming rooms and a common kitchen. Community is at the heart of the experience and will be facilitated by the onsite team. Our co-living solutions offer flexibility regarding length of stay, which can range from days to months and years.
There are several co-livin

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