Vantage Development Capital Group

In only 1,5 year VD was able to build a substantial land bank, which allows to reach the goal of creating thousands flats for rent by the end of 2028,
The company created a product with contemporary interior design and outstanding functionality. Having ESG in mind, VD team prepared a new standard for buildings for rent: PV panels, energy efficient LED lighting, storage tanks, water purification filters and environmentally friendly home appliances in units.
VD has an open communication policy with clients of different nationalities. Contact with advisors, rental agreements, financial verification (by platform) are conducted in Polish, English and Ukrainian.
Quality wise, the rental projects don’t differ from the sales investments and are located in attractive parts of the cities. The long term rental agreement gives tenants a sense of security, supports social mobility and fulfills housing needs on an expected level by clients, that can’t afford buying their own flat.

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