Hi Piotrkowska

Hi Piotrkowska is conceived as a showpiece for Łódź, adding new, city-forming functions to the city center in one place. The key feature of the entire project is how its three buildings combine one another to complement the architecture of the iconic tram station in front of the tower and historic buildings lined by Piotrkowska Street. That's why 'Hi' became a landmark and the symbolic gate to the city center. The ‘Hi concept’ was consulted with the city’s monument conservator and thanks to the architect’s vision – saved surrounding local greenery, created the new, public plaza, and functions in the revitalized city space. The most recognizable building of the complex is a 20-story office tower, which has already received the status of the tallest office building in Łódź with 19th-floor famous for summer sunset events in the city. Its city center address, right next to the Centrum Piotrkowska transport hub and just 30 minutes from the ring road – is a tempting proposition for tenants.
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