Zeitgeist Asset Management

For its commitment for developing the PRS sector in the CEE region, as well as widening the offer of student houses and mix-use properties. For an innovative, automized and modern approach to the rental process and tenants management. For very high experience in doing business in the CEE region and being one of the pioneers of PRS in Czech Republic and Poland. For a stable and long-term financial structure, safe for investors and partners. For promoting institutional rental projects among developers, convincing them to partner with funds offering forward purchase deals. For investing in pioneer ecology solutions for real estate. For developing a brand-new residential concept HOME by Zeitgeist, providing a safe lease with no commission or third party involved. All apartments and additionally, high-quality services are delivered directly from the owner to the tenants. For independent engagement in operating student houses i CEE, by ZEITRAUM, a daughter company of Zeitgeist.

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