BTS for RTV Euro AGD

When designing BTS at Prologis Park Janki, we had three goals in mind: employee comfort, efficiency of customer operations and environmental benefits.
The facility is distinguished by high energy efficiency and low emission, while maintaining the highest standard of workmanship. Has been subjected to BREEAM accreditation and received the Very Good rating. This is mainly due to solutions such as: a photovoltaic installation, hybrid lanterns powered by solar and wind energy, a CO2 absorbing cube or the use of electricity coming exclusively from renewable energy sources.
As part of PARKlife ™, a biopark with an area of ​​8,000 m2 was built. It is an open-air well-being zone, available to everyone using the distribution center.
A smart metering system has been implemented in Prologis Park Janki, which enables remote reading and monitoring of utility meters in buildings, as well as systems for remote maintenance of buildings and automatic reading of license plates.
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