K2 is one of the most interestingly located office buildings in the Tri-City. Standing on Kielecka St. on the Hill of St. Maksymilian, it offers convenient access to the SKM station and numerous services. The six-storey building has 11,000 m2 of usable area. In addition to office space, there are also a cosy lobby, a 2-level garage and infrastructure for cyclists who will also have parking spaces on the side of the rear courtyard, which is decorated with fifty birch trees, each more than twenty years old. The project architecture makes reference to city's modernist traditions. White facade is decorated with profiling vertical panels, whose shape is a reference to sails and ship architecture, "Streamline" style present in Gdynia in the 30s. The entire project is distinguished by Scandinavian attention to details and clean design, emphasizing maximum utility with minimalist interiors. It is a space you will immediately like.
Name of project K2
Name(s) of investor(s) Vastint Poland
Name of project
Name(s) of investor(s)
Vastint Poland

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