New Office Building of the Year, CEE

Any office project opened in CEE between October 2020 and June 2022 excluding modernizations and developments is eligible. The jury will consider the reputation of the project, the occupancy figures, its financial results, the level of local competition, the quality of the design and specification, BREEAM/LEED certification and also its development history.

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.KTW Office Complex

.KTW is simplicity and pragmatism materialized in the form of two buildings of different heights.The frugal form, devoid of spectacular surfaces, hides within itself depth and encourages one to explore its sense.The buildings are simple, noble and honest.Designed in a way that will allow them to past the test of time, not succumb to fashion.Their design and character embody the belief that exceptional objects can be born from simplicity. Here, restraint goes hand in hand with dynamics and energy.The .KTW complex considers various forms of business organization, proposing flexible surfaces that open a wide spectrum of arrangement possibilities.It has facilities which allow it to accept the most demanding tenants, expecting unique solutions. It offers not only an excellent class of office and retail spaces, but also their beautiful development in the form of terraces with priceless views or surronded by greean areas.It provides outstanding comfort and opens new perspectives for business.

3T Office Park

3T Office Park is the largest project completed in 2021 in the Tri-City in Poland, created for companies looking for high-quality space to work in a perfect location. The timeless architectural concept was designed in the AHR Architects studio. In the construction process the best finishing of the building and interiors was taken care of and the latest available technological solutions, environmentally friendly and ensuring the comfort of users were used. The project obtained the BREEAM Interim certificate, grade “Excellent” and the “Building without barriers” certificate (it is fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities). It is in a well-connected, multifunctional district of Gdynia and provides direct access to public transport such as buses, trolleybuses and railway. Amenities for tenants: terraces on the top floors, openable windows, changing rooms for cyclists, diverse gastronomic offer, medical clinic, dental clinic, nursery and kindergarten.

Central Point

Central Point is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated office buildings in Warsaw. It is located in the most prestigious part of the capital - at the intersection of two main arteries - Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets, situated above the only station crossing two metro lines, surrounded by parks, squares and other important landmarks on the city map. A modern, elegant office building was builded in a vibrant neighbourhood. It offers over 19 thousand square metres of rentable space located on 22 floors, two of which are service and commercial areas with a spacious lobby, reception desk and a café connected with a networking zone. The highest point of the building is floor 21, where a beautiful office with a mezzanine awaits an exceptional client. Central Point is an office building which thanks to its perfect location connects the world of business, art and culture. In a few minutes you can reach every amenity you need - museums, restaurants, banks, railway station etc.

DL Tower

DL Tower, a modern class A office building, was built as part of a multifunctional complex consisting of office, retail, hotel and service properties with a target area of over 45,000 sq m. The complex will also provide social functions to the Katowice market that will integrate employees, Katowice residents and their guests thanks to an extensive recreational, gastronomic and entertainment offer. The building has a total usable area of 17,000 sq m. and is already approximately 90% leased. Advanced talks on the remaining vacant space are underway. DL Tower, an A-class office building, is part of a large, city-forming complex under construction at Korfantego 138 in Katowice. The building joined the already operating DL Atrium building, which houses office, service and commercial functions. The construction of another two real estates with a dominant office function and a significant share of service, catering, retail, hotel and recreational areas will soon begin.

Ergo Gdańsk

The office space Ergo Technology & Services, which is located right next to Gdańsk Oliwa railroad station, occupies 4 office levels. Each floor is distinguished by a color corresponding to the colors of the Polish sea and sand, which surrounds the core of the building and the main meeting points, appearing on the ceiling in the communication, on the walls in the meeting rooms or in the spacious canteen located on the first floor of the building. Details and materials are an interpretation of the seaside climate, the core of the building was covered with oak veneer with the shape of Gdansk tenement houses milled in it, lamps of our design in the open space above the desks refer to flying seagulls, Gdansk shipyard motif can be seen in a large conference room connected by a mobile wall in the form of glued cranes on the veneer lining, decorative Tom Dixon lamps in the meeting rooms resemble Baltic amber, hand-made tiles in the canteen on the first floor refer to the Gdansk.

evosoft Headquarter

The innovative, fully accessible building is almost 22,000 sq m in size, of which some 19,400 sq m is used to create office and research lab space for evosoft Hungary’s software developers. Four-level underground parking garage available for workers, able to accommodate 520 automobiles with electric chargers, and parking spaces for bicycles connecting with shower rooms. The office is one of the most modern and innovative buildings in Hungary. During the development, the human focus and sustainable operations played a primary role. The giant facade with a large arch makes the building special; the clear glass surface opens ’windows’ to the Danube. At the same time, it provides an excellent view and natural light to the offices at the back and in the mid-office section. Greenery on the roof and terraces, furthermore, the tree-shaded parks around the building to pleasurable spatial perception.

Fabryka PZO

Project contains of 3 buildings: The PZO Factory Offices, The PZO Factory Apartments and PZO II. The PZO Factory (PZO I) is a unique investment in Warsaw’s Prague district, offering not only over 11,710 sq. m. of the modern office and retail space, but also 121 apartments of various sizes and functional space arrangements. The wide range of on-site amenities like restaurants, cafes or fitness club, guarantees that tenants, as well as the district’s residents, will find everything they need at the project. PZO II is a unique office project (6 100 sq m) that offers a wide range of amenities. It is the second stage of the PZO Factory and its architectural continuation. In addition to the office space, the building's amenities include a gym and a food hall with bar, café area and restaurants.

Face2Face Business Campus

The industrial capital of the European region of Upper Silesia - Katowice - has been experiencing a construction boom for a decade, driven, among others, by the development of new industries 4.0. In a city full of tradition, the modern Face2Face office complex was completed by ECHO Investment. Its authors – designers from Grupa 5 Architekci studio masterfully combined seemingly distant contexts. The project offers users a modern office space separated from car traffic and the intimate courtyard introduces a unique green garden space equipped with public functions designed by MAŁECCY design office in cooperation with Grupa 5 Architekci


One of Warsaw’s greenest developments, conducive to people's health and well-being. It’s not only a workplace for people of all ages, but also a place where life goes on after working hours. Apart from offices, there will be restaurant, cafe, a medical centre and preschool here. The name emphasizes a lot of greenery and places where you can relax. The area between the buildings is open to pedestrians - both employees and local residents. There is a patio planted with trees, a fountain. About 200 trees and as many shrubs grow there. A distinctive features are also balconies and green roof terraces, incl. one open to the public. The architects have placed there an urban garden, shelters for birds and insects. It is located 10 min. walk from Dworzec Gdański metro station. Forest also provides parking for nearly 500 bicycles. Forest users can benefit from nearby Westfield Arkadia shopping centre.


FORMAT - a modern office building has been designed with the highest comfort and safety of tenants and their guests in mind, as well as with care for the natural environment. The project offers many convenient parking spaces and a well-developed infrastructure for cyclists. There are plans to build basketball and volleyball courts for its tenants. FORMAT is located in a very attractive location - slightly on the edge of the business district of Gdańsk, into which Oliwa has grown up, right next to the Gdańsk-Oliwa railway / SKM station. Its shape and façade make it one of the most architecturally interesting office buildings in Gdańsk. The investment has a LEED pre-certificate at the Gold level, so it meets high environmental and health standards. The applied design and technological solutions make it one of the most desirable investment in the region among tenants and collect positive opinions from real estate market experts.

Global Office Park

Global Office Park located at the intersection of Mickiewicza and Dąbrówki streets in Katowice is the first multifunctional project implemented on such a large scale in Silesia. The complex consists of 2 office towers and one residential tower set on a common 5-storey podium with numerous gastronomic, commercial and service premises. Office towers with 25 floors and 100 m in height will provide access to high-class work spaces. The residential building will offer 670 apartments of various sizes. The building was designed by a team of Cavatina Holding architects. The skyscrapers were designed as twin blocks, but in order to break the monotony of the facility, the buildings were designed with a trapezoidal plan and rounded corners, referring to the modernist architecture of Katowice. All building users will gain space to rest from work and the hustle and bustle of the city on the green terraces. Green and relaxation zones will occupy 2.3 thousand sq m area of the complex.

Hi Piotrkowska

Hi Piotrkowska is a mixed-use complex, consisting of two buildings offering 21,000 sq m of Class A+ office space and 5,000 sq m for retail and service units. The third facility is the Hampton by Hilton hotel with 8,000 sq m. The landmark building of the complex is a 20-story office tower, which has already received the status of the tallest office in Łódź and the one with the most amazing views of the city from every workplace. Hi Piotrkowska is primarily a class A+ office building and achieved BREEAM certification for Post Construction Stage at the ‘Excellent’ level. The building is conceived as a showpiece for Łódź, adding new, city-forming functions to the city center in one place, linking new office space with the longest pedestrianized high street in Europe Hi is a landmark and the symbolic gate to the city center linking new office space with the longest pedestrianized high street in Europe, Piotrkowska Street.

Intraco Prime

INTRACO Prime is an A-class office building located at Stawki 2B Street in the heart of Warsaw's Muranów district. It offers 13,000 m² of office space and 860 m² of retail space. The building has 8 above ground and 3 underground levels. The construction began in April 2020 and lasted for 24 months, until March 2022. The project received the BREEAM International New Construction 2016 Interim Certificate with Very Good grade. The architectural concept of INTRACO Prime was to create a coherent urban space in the intensively developing area of Muranów district. The building replaced an old car park, thanks to this change the frontage of Stawki Street is now “complete”. The scale and colours of the building harmonize with the existing residential houses and public buildings. Thanks to the rhythm of the elevation, the use of good quality materials and the use of sandstone (often found on the facades of other buildings in this area), INTRACO Prime perfectly fits into the character of Muranów.

Jurkovič Heating Plant

Jurkovič Heating Plant is a reconstruction of a national cultural monument built in the former industrial area of Bratislava. The building represents a unity of different architectural styles including Art Nouveau, modernism, and functionalism. Many original elements have been preserved in the interior, for example 31,736 bricks from the original façade which were saved during the reconstruction. A number of them has been reused in the building’s interior to create a unique and inspirational workplace. Jurkovič Heating Plant became a one-of-a-kind place ideal for cultural and artistic events, workshops, a café, a restaurant and a coworking space.


K2 is one of the most interestingly located office buildings in the Tri-City. Standing on Kielecka St. on the Hill of St. Maksymilian, it offers convenient access to the SKM station and numerous services. The six-storey building has 11,000 m2 of usable area. In addition to office space, there are also a cosy lobby, a 2-level garage and infrastructure for cyclists who will also have parking spaces on the side of the rear courtyard, which is decorated with fifty birch trees, each more than twenty years old. The project architecture makes reference to city's modernist traditions. White facade is decorated with profiling vertical panels, whose shape is a reference to sails and ship architecture, "Streamline" style present in Gdynia in the 30s. The entire project is distinguished by Scandinavian attention to details and clean design, emphasizing maximum utility with minimalist interiors. It is a space you will immediately like.

Lixa C

LIXA C is the latest office building developed by Yareal as part of the campus office complex located in the vicinity of Rondo Daszyńskiego in the Wola district in Warsaw. The LIXA C office building with an area of 19,424 sqm is currently commercialized in 85%. The IT sector is dominating among LIXA C tenants. LIXA C is the third completed office building of the complex, which will ultimately consist of 5 office buildings with a total area of 77,000 sq m, connected by a city-forming, green retail passage. Two public courtyards and cascading garden terraces will be an integral part of the office and the promenade - LIXA City Gardens.


MidPoint71 is a premium class office building. From the very beginning, it enjoyed great interest among tenants, which translated into high level of commercialization and sale immediately after getting an occupancy permit. Office building has also been designed in accordance with the BREEAM certification guidelines at the Excellent level, introducing many solutions supporting, among others, energy and water saving, waste management policy and minimizing the building's environmental impact. Medusa Group studio is responsible for the architectural design. The building is characterized by a non-standard shape. The lower, six-storey base of the building is decorated with an original and impressive façade. The gentle gradation of ore on the panels of this part of the façade adds individual character to the building. The project also provides for terraces individually arranged by tenant. The office building was built according to a safe standard - Echo Pure Office, which ensures the comfor

Millennium Gardens

TriGranit’s newest office development, the Millennium Gardens has been constructed along a 1 km-long promenade on the bank of the Danube next to MÜPA Budapest, the National Theatre and the K&H Headquarters offering a remarkably spectacular view for its tenants. The concept for the two-winged complex with its modern architecture and overall glass surface joined by a compelling glass bridge over the ground floor was conceived by Finta Studio to suit a uniquely located area with special conditions. The building’s design was planned in consideration of sustainability, using modern architectural solutions, as well as in correspondence with the BREEAM ’Excellent’ and Access4You ’Gold’ certifications.


Virako jako jedna z pierwszych firm w Polsce podjęła wyzwanie rewitalizacji i zmiany funkcji zabytkowych budynków pofabrycznych w nowoczesne obiekty miastotwórcze. Monopolis, wielofunkcyjny kompleks realizowany w dawnych zakładach Monopolu Wódczanego z 1902 roku zmienia fragment miasta w nowoczesną przestrzeń miejską otwartą na mieszkańców. Ten unikatowy projekt mixed–use z wiodącą funkcją biurową, jest wyjątkowym miejscem dla wydarzeń biznesowych, kulturalnych, muzycznych i wielu innych. To miejsce otwarte na ludzi –motywem jest „człowiek w centrum”. Wieża Monopolis 2.0 –nowy biurowiec wkomponowany w zabytkowe otoczenie to nowoczesna architektura i innowacyjna technologia. Tutaj zieleń i miejsca do relaksu współgrają z wyjątkową, postindustrialną architekturą. Przestrzeń w sercu miasta, wolna od ulicznego zgiełku, sprzyja wyciszeniu i odprężeniu. Nowa wysoka jakość architektury budynku, detal architektoniczny pokazują kierunek rozwoju współczesnych miast tworzonych z myślą o człowieku

Norblin Factory

Norblin Factory has regained its presence on the map of Warsaw after several years of intensive design, construction and conservation work. The site at Żelazna Street has a history spanning more than two centuries when it has served a number of different functions. Reopening for the city, it boasts historical buildings integrated with modern architecture. The multifunctional complex offers over 65,000 sqm. GLA with state-of-the-art A+ class offices and the remaining 24,000 sqm. filled with unique entertainment, culture, food, service and retail concepts. Visitors to the Norblin Factory enjoy culture, entertainment and food concepts, including the original boutique cinema KinoGram, the organic food market BioBazar, the largest food hall in the capital city Food Town, the Piano Bar with live music in one of the oldest buildings of the complex, the Norblin Factory Museum which commemorates the 200-year history of the location, as well as shops and retail and service outlets.

Nowy Rynek D

Nowy Rynek D is a safe and healthy workspace, supporting various needs of tenants and visitors, including those with disabilities, parents with children, seniors and those who do not speak Polish. It has already received the WELL Health & Safety Rating and the Building without Barriers certificate. It is also expected to obtain the LEED Core & Shell, as well as the WELL Core & Shell certifications.  Nowy Rynek D combines modern architecture and technologies while being an integral part of the historical neighborhood. Once fully completed, the Nowy Rynek complex is expected to serve as a new meeting, leisure and entertainment space for tenants and the local community, bringing added value to office users, but also to the city’s residents and visitors. It includes a state-of-art courtyard in the center of the D building, which is an important element of the office area and an integral part of the complex, enriching its architecture and offering unlimited access to the public. 

Sky Park Offices

The building designed by Vietzke & Borstelmann Architekten studio is part of the completed first phase of the SKY PARK by Zaha Hadid project which transforms the former industrial district of Bratislava. Its design is based on the principles of well-being and holds the LEED Gold certificate of sustainability. The offices include flexible and functional workspace is of the highest standard. The building is considered to be the most modern building in Slovakia in terms of access to the premises and the underground car park using a digital key. The green outdoor terrace is available to all tenants.


Skyliner is one of the highest (195 meters) and modern office buildings in Warsaw. The skyscraper offers 49,000 sq.m. of lettable space (45 floors). The lowest floors are dedicated to services, retail and restaurants. Skyliner has a fully glazed facade, the highest office lobby in Poland and two-storeyed Skybar situated at the height of 165 meters. The skyscraper is supported by modern technologies such as contactless access to the building and 21 high-speed intelligent elevators and one of the most advanced building applications.Skyliner is undoubtedly the best-connected office building in Warsaw – situated perfectly just by the subway stop at Rondo Daszyńskiego (just 8 meters distance) and by the main bus and tram junction. A five-storeyed underground parking lot for 430 cars also provides 330 bicycle parking places with lockers and changing rooms.


SKYSAWA is a complex of two office buildings located at 36 and 38 Świętokrzyska St. in Warsaw. With a total GLA of 34,530 m², the complex’s distinct cascading architecture with pencil-thin 155 m. tower reshapes one of the city’s central districts, giving new life to a long-neglected plot of land. Central location, access to a dense public transport network, direct access from the building to the metro station, proximity to bicycle paths, modern infrastructure for cyclists (incl. 280 parking spaces) and electric car charging stations encourage the users of the complex to choose sustainable forms of transport. Both buildings of the complex are certified under the BREEM International New Construction 2016 system and received the highest ratings in Poland with the Outstanding grade (SAWA – Final, SKY – Interim). The technological solutions and environment-friendly materials used lower the complex’s energy demand, maximising its efficiency and significantly reducing water consumption.

Warsaw Unit

Over 200-meter-high Warsaw UNIT is the most ecological and technologically advanced skyscraper in Poland. It is the first building in Poland to receive the highest possible rating (Outstanding) in the BREEAM certification process. The slender, timeless body of the skyscraper acts as a focal point and is dominating the skyline of Warsaw. Phenomenal impression is also made by the lobby, chromium-plated, completely glazed, which seems to be an integral part of the city. Warsaw UNIT is famous for it’s unique in Europe attraction on the top floor - Skyfall Warsaw – a platform with a glass floor that tilts out of the building. At street level of the façade is complemented by the so-called "dragon skin" used for the first time in Poland – an artistic installation of thousands of tiles, which react to every gust of wind. Warsaw UNIT is also WELL Health Safty-Rating certified and is the first skyscraper in Poland to receive WELL pre-certification in the latest v2 Core version.


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President of SARP
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Director Client Services at Vistra Poland/Member of Revision Committee at Polish Council of Shopping Centres (Polska Rada Centrów Handlowych)
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Partner, Deputy Head of Real Estate in Poland
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