Amazon Panattoni BTS Gliwice

Panattoni Europe's, biggest multi-storey logisics project in Poland - eighth in a row investment for Amazon totaling a record 210,000 sqm and 4 levels with implemented Amazon Robotics technology. Developed on 22.62 ha of plot, the new building is a 317 m long, 182 m wide and 26.7 m high. The office takes up 7,500 sqm. Under an environmental certification process BREEAM Interim rating VERY GOOD. The floor area is as big as 29 football fields. The building is equipped with an intelligent building management system (BMS), LED lighting and motion sensors, systems for maximum reduction of water consumption, and the insulation of walls and roofs, as well as the tightness of the building. The implementation of the new center in Gliwice was a huge organizational and logistical challenge for Panattoni.
Olimpic swimming pool (50x10x2,5x3=3 750m3)
Amazon project equals 379 olimpic pools = 1 420 400m3
Sprinkler system 90 000 m
Office space 7 459,68 m2

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