SPIE Polska

SPIE Polska focuses on multi-technical building maintenance, constantly developing its internal services: gas, HVAC, mobile and low voltage, to guarantee the widest range of services from one hand. However, in integrated projects the company co-operates with trusted partners in the scope of infrastructural and administrative services. Since 1998, when the company entered the market, its turnover has been increasing by more than 10 % each year, reaching 95,5m PLN in 2016. It has been a success of 440 employees providing services in 180 properties throughout the country. Due to SPIE global objective, the Polish subsidiary also gains new competences via acquiring companies: AGIS Fire&Security in 2016 and SAG (energy supply networks) in 2017. Formally SPIE Polska belongs to SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa, a strong independent technical provider focused on ICS, Energy and FM, present in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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