HB Reavis Poland

HB Reavis Group operates in office and commercial real estate. As an integrated, pan-European developer, the company designs, develops and manages buildings, carries out investment management and creates co-working spaces. The company’s mission is to bring remarkable experiences to people’s lives through its real estate solutions. That is why HB Reavis buildings have a positive impact on the efficiency and well-being of their users and local communities.

With assets totalling EUR 2.1 billion and over 600 employees, HB Reavis is at the forefront of the European real estate market. The company currently operates in Poland, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and Turkey, having completed 37 buildings with a total area of 1.2 million sq m to date. A total of over 60,000 people work in HB Reavis buildings every day.

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