Warehouse DC 16 (phases 1 and 2), P3 Błonie Park

Warehouse 16 is a new 81,000 m² warehouse at P3 Błonie park in Poland.
Construction began in December 2016. Phase 1 of the development comprised almost 22,000 m² and Phase 2 comprised 26,000 m2. According to market reports, this was one of the largest warehouse projects to be completed in Poland in H1 2017
Phase 3, comprising more than 33,000 m2 is under construction, due to be completed January 2018, and has been leased to online retailer eMAG.
The new Warehouse 16 has the following bespoke features for individual customers:
• The dock gates for cooled areas have increased thickness and a DOBO system to increase the airtightness of the building and minimise the energy consumption for cooling/freezing;
• An LED lighting system in the warehouse is controlled by DALI system and fitted with additional sensors programmed to maximise efficiency.
• Solar panels for water heating
• Additional roof insulation and heat recovery systems;

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