Galeria Wiślanka

Galeria Wiślanka was realized by a private company led by Teresa Jonas. The facility was financed from the company's own funds. Teresa Jonas has been associated with Silesian business for many years, for which she has been awarded many titles in her region. Where he successfully and successfully runs the company Dystrybucyjna Błysk and the chain of Drogerie Polskie - the fastest growing franchise chain of drugstores in Poland with over 200 retail outlets.

When developing the concept of the first large-area gallery in the city, the investor, who is well-known to the needs of the residents of Żory, had the overriding goal of opening not only a shopping center in the city, but also a city-forming center. The moment of its inauguration, Galeria Wiślanka provided the local community with over 500 new jobs and became a new, fashionable place for spending free time.

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