A few years ago we initiated the ‘Do nasadzenia’ campaign, which aimed at planting trees in the Lipusz forest district (Pomerania), hit hard by a hurricane wind back in 2017. We met in the forest several times, in 2019, 2021 and 2022. On April 23, 2022, during the grand finale of the campaign, we jointly planted ninety thousand young trees.
In total, across all editions, around three thousand one hundred fifty people took active part in planting, representing more than fifty different companies and instututions. We have collectively planted two hundred eighty thousand saplings, foresting a post-hurricane terrain of nearly thirty hectares in size. A dense, soaring forest will arise there in dozens of years.
The involvement of the business environment in the forest restoration is highly valuable, displaying in multiple dimensions. The first one, as in this very case, is obvious - planting new trees, caring for the uncontaminated air, and compensation of carbon footprint. On top of that, our campaign - the fact which is underlined by foresters - for many ‘city-originating’ people also provides a wonderful opportunity to further explore the forest, and learn its functioning rules. Additionally, there is a chance to take a closer look at the foresters’ work, to integrate, and educate the young generations on how a forest emerges. This history is not drawing to a close, as it will have its continuation. Numerous companies got interested in this initiative, and we will try to move this activity, in a somewhat different format, onto the city ground.
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