Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, Poland

We’re looking for an individual or a group who have achieved something out of the ordinary between October 2020 and June 2022. It may be a significant contribution to charity or dedication to a cause, or the achievement of something special.


Bridge to the future - Young Artists Support Found (GLOBALWORTH FOUNDATION)

The joint initiative of the Globalworth Foundation and the Julian Cochran Foundation resulted in the establishment of the scholarship program "Bridge to the future - Young Artists Support Found". The project is addressed to instrumentalists and vocalists aged 18 to 26. Students of music schools, students and graduates of music universities, Polish citizens. Thanks to the Support of Globalworth Foundation the 15 winning scholarship recipients each received EUR 2,000. The aim of the Fund is to support and promote young musicians in terms of their professional and educational development by awarding scholarships, enabling them to participate in master classes, artistic residencies and study visits, funding concerts, providing legal advice, assistance in professional networking and mentoring classes. Recruitment for the scholarship programme began in October 2021 and attracted enormous interest in the classical music industry. It gathered nearly 300 Polish artists-musicians, including violinists, cellists, pianists, vocalists and saxophonists from more than 50 domestic and foreign institutions. During the first stage a jury composed of business and management figures had a chance to learn about the dreams and find out detailed business plans created by the applicants. In the second stage, the participants' skills were judged by eminent personalities of the world of music: Benjamin Woodroffe (Australia), David Watkin (UK) and Yejin Gil (South Korea/Germany). On 6 December 2021, we announced 15 scholarship holders of the programme. These are talented young musicians winners of international competitions, who know exactly what direction they want to develop their artistic career in. What distinguishes them is their awareness of global trends connected with the perception of art and culture and their introduction of innovative solutions to promote their musical output – all with the aim to enable their talent to reach as many people as possible, and thus to widen the circle of classical music fans. The way they play their instruments resounds with passion, sensitivity and commitment combined with youthful energy and spontaneity.

Disappearing mural - Let's heal the world and make it a better place (IMMOFINANZ / CA IMMO)

An internationally unique work of art created on Europejski square – a Disappearing Mural, was officially unveiled end of June.The theme of the mural refers to the important aspect of peace in the world. The Disappearing Mural was created on the area of the largest fountain at Europejski square - and it can be seen only when it comes into contact with water - when the fountain in on or when it rains. The official unveiling of the artwork was accompanied by a musical happening, with performances of several artists of the Polish music scene. The key elements of the mural include: (i) The Mermaid and the Triton - arranged in the form of a yin and yang symbol, which symbolizes a perfect balance, a combination of duality of reality, order and harmony governing the entire universe, (ii) Picasso pigeon - painted in Warsaw Wola district during his visit to Poland, (iii) the lyrics of the song of the leader of the Pogodno band "Don't be afraid of the rain - because I'm the rain myself" - referring to the theme of the mural, as well as the words "Let's heal the world and make it a better place" - the text is on the mural's outline – written in five languages (Polish, English, German, Spanish and Ukrainian). People from the world of art, stage, sports, culture, friends with Galeria Przechodnia were invited to paint the letters in the mural - thus they have a real contribution to its final creation. Unfortunately, peace in the world is not something permanent - this thesis became the keynote for the creation of our disappearing mural. Until now, such works were created in Seoul. These murals - thanks to the use of special nano paints, appeared there during the rainy monsoons and were intended to improve the mood of the city inhabitants. There is not much sign of such projects being implemented in other places - which makes our idea even more unique, on an international scale. Let's heal the world and make it a better place – the message surrounding our mural meant to show that art is the weapon of artists. In the present situation in the world, it is one of the ways to protest against the war and its cruelty. There is another slogan on the mural which says: Don't be afraid of the rain - because I'm the rain myself " and it also fits perfectly into the theme of the mural. These words are a quotation of one of the songs of the recently died outstanding Polish artist, leader of the Pogodno band - Jacek Budynia Szymkiewicz. The mural additionally commemorates his work

Do Nasadzenia (TORUS)

A few years ago we initiated the ‘Do nasadzenia’ campaign, which aimed at planting trees in the Lipusz forest district (Pomerania), hit hard by a hurricane wind back in 2017. We met in the forest several times, in 2019, 2021 and 2022. On April 23, 2022, during the grand finale of the campaign, we jointly planted ninety thousand young trees. In total, across all editions, around three thousand one hundred fifty people took active part in planting, representing more than fifty different companies and instututions. We have collectively planted two hundred eighty thousand saplings, foresting a post-hurricane terrain of nearly thirty hectares in size. A dense, soaring forest will arise there in dozens of years. The involvement of the business environment in the forest restoration is highly valuable, displaying in multiple dimensions. The first one, as in this very case, is obvious - planting new trees, caring for the uncontaminated air, and compensation of carbon footprint. On top of that, our campaign - the fact which is underlined by foresters - for many ‘city-originating’ people also provides a wonderful opportunity to further explore the forest, and learn its functioning rules. Additionally, there is a chance to take a closer look at the foresters’ work, to integrate, and educate the young generations on how a forest emerges. This history is not drawing to a close, as it will have its continuation. Numerous companies got interested in this initiative, and we will try to move this activity, in a somewhat different format, onto the city ground. THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE, TREES ARE ‘TO BE PLANTED’

First paediatric cardiovascular surgery training laboratory for the cardiovascular clinic at The Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, Poland (GLOBALWORTH FOUNDATION)

The Globalworth Foundation invested € 123,000 in the first paediatric cardiovascular surgery training laboratory for the cardiovascular clinic at The Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, Poland. Globalworth Foundation purchased a high-end medical simulator for training in ultrasound-related examinations and interventions, a transoesophageal echocardiography module and an ultrasound system designed for emergency rooms, intensive care units and operating theatres. Annually, around 1,000 paediatric cardiology professionals (cardiologists, students, physicians specializing in other fields and other healthcare professionals) will improve their knowledge and practical skills in pediatric cardiovascular diagnosis and will practice various interventional procedures on the simulator. The funding of this paediatric cardiology laboratory takes place at a time when congenital heart defects in children are one of the most frequent causes of mortality during the first year of life of newborns in Poland. Around 4,000 children are born with congenital heart defects, i.e., an incidence of around 0.8% up to 1.2% of babies born alive. The Children’s Memorial Health Institute (IPCZD), the largest and most modern paediatric hospital in Poland, has one of the best medical teams in Poland. The top-class equipment helps provide assistance to children around the country, as more than 70% of patients come from cities other than Warsaw. The project was developed in cooperation with the Virtuosa Foundation.

PANATTONI ARENA & Łukasz Piszczek Academy Foundation

Panattoni has invested 3.5 million PLN into he Panattoni Arena, an impressive sports facility developed for the Łukasz Piszczek Academy Foundation, which was officially opened in Goczałkowice-Zdrój after three years of development. It consists of two full-size pitches with hybrid surface, a smaller artificial pitch, a building with 4 locker rooms, fitness room, sauna and gym. The partnership between the developer and Łukasz Piszczek’s Academy Foundation will help significantly expand football infrastructure in Goczałkowice-Zdrój. It is a vital activity in the process of making children more active in the area of sports as they tend to develop more eagerly and more rapidly in a friendly environment and in modern facilities. Over 400 kids can play football here daily. 1. BVB Academy Łukasz Piszczek – season 2022/2023 (August 2022 – June 2023): 146 players 2. Football courses – season 2022/2023 (September 2022 – June 2023) altogether: 79 players 3. LKS Goczałkowice season 2022/2023 – Septmeber 2022 – June 2023, altogether 45 4. Football Camps BVB EVONIK Fuβballakademie 2022 –July 2022 (04-08.07.2022) altogether: 124 children According to Robert Dobrzycki, CEO Panattoni: “Panattoni Arena is a different project than our warehouse or industrial facilities, also because of its end users. Developing a training center for young athletes is both a source of motivation and great excitement to us. It is fantastic to be a part of their growth”.

Race’n’Raise 2022 (LOGICOR)

The team from Logicor, along with business partners, have together raised 30,000 zloty for the K.I.D.S. Foundation, a children's charity that focuses on improving the hospital experience of young patients. For most of the participants it was the longest cycling route in their life. Logicor organised Race’n’Raise 2022, an amateur and charity cycling race that is made up three stages (145 km, 85 km and 70 km), totalling 300 km of cycling tour in the heart of the Tuchola Forest in northern Poland. The goal was simple but extremely important - to complete as much of the planned route as possible. For each kilometer cycled by a particular participant, Logicor donated PLN 5 to the K.I.D.S. Foundation, which creates a „hospital of the future” for children and those who fight for their health. The funds raised this year will finance a therapeutic project for children and parents.

Responsible SEGRO framework implementation in Poland (SEGRO POLAND)

A commitment to be a force for societal and environmental good is integral to SEGRO’s purpose and strategy. Its Responsible SEGRO framework focuses on three long-term priorities where the company believes it can make the greatest impact: Championing Low-Carbon Growth, Investing in Local Communities and Environments and Nurturing Talent. Responsible SEGRO framework is a continuation of years of charity and ecological commitments of the company resulting in Poland i.e. in over 30% of portfolio already certified with BREEAM as well as multiple cooperation with charities. Responsible SEGRO was implemented and rolled out in Poland in 2021 throug various programmes. Almost the Responsible SEGRO projects have been submitted for this year's edition of the Responsible Business Forum report "Responsible Business in Poland 2021. Good practices". The recognition was granted to such initiatives as: green energy in warehouses (100% in Poland comes from sun and wind), charging stations for electric and hybrid cars, beehives, installation of water springs in educational institutions and initiatives: SEGRO Academy and Be Active with SEGRO. "Water springs in schools" action aimed installation of 15 contactless water dispensers in educational institutions in Lodz in December 2020. It’s goal was to provide students with drinking, non-bottled water and to build environmental awareness. The access to the springs contributed to the increased awareness of the fact that tap water is drinkable and, to the reduction of the plastic waste production among the pupils. Program will be continued in 2022 with more water dispensers in the pipeline. Thanks to SEGRO Academy, in 2021, 7 high schools from Lodz and Poznan, 28 teachers and 260 students got inspired by the activities, in the form of fun and healthy competition, to gain knowledge on the warehouse industry. The winners of the English-language warehouse board game received prizes in the form of English courses. BE Active with SEGRO project promotes physical activity among employees, customers, and contractors, simultaneously supporting selected foundations - for every kilometre cycled or walked, funds are donated to them. Last year, we managed to collect PLN 90 000, which was donated to the "Together" Foundation and the Women's Rights Centre for supporting people in psychological crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021 SEGRO joined Operation Clean River – our team cleaned 1 ton of trash from Stawy Stefańskiego in Łódź.

Savills4others (SAVILLS POLAND)

Savills4others is an initiative that recognizes and responds to the needs of small communities, and each project is a real support of individuals. The activities are carried out by the company's employees as part of their free time and they help others selflessly. The program operates under the Savills brand and is financed partly from the company's budget and partly from funds donated by people of good will, thanks to the brilliant and effective ideas of Savills employees. Each project is a different, beautiful story about helping, supporting and empathy. The Savills4others initiative also serves to raise awareness of the needs of individual environments as well as the barriers they encounter in everyday life. Among the completed projects are: „Karma wraca” (What goes around comes around) - raising money for special food for dogs at the „KTOZ” shelter in Krakow. The means to the goal was a murderous trekking through the Tatras in winter, about 40 km long and nearly 4,000 m of mountain elevation, which was to draw attention to the urgent needs of a dog shelter. The initiative was implemented by representatives of the Krakow branch of Savills. As part of the second project, Savills purchased a layette for Czako - a guide dog for a blind person. The official handing over of the dog to the new owner and the handing over of the layette took place in the Savills office. In addition, the "Guide dog" foundation obtained the equipment necessary to conduct training, including specialized glasses for simulating visual impairment that sailed through the Atlantic Ocean for two months. Thanks to another initiative, Savills co-financed the project "holiday drop of happiness" - a vacation for children with oncological diseases. The "Our Children" foundation received the support. Another project was an educational workshop for children on the living in the city birds’ habits. Savills also provided thematic educational materials (books, charts and games) for the participants’ school. 360 km by bike from Warsaw to Gdansk - this is how much Jarosław Pilch covered to convince Savills' business partners and friends to help. The purpose of this trip was to collect money for the purchase of bicycles for children from a socialization-type care and education facility in „Dom nad Potokiem” in Gdansk. The bicycle is an ecological form of transport in line with the ESG strategy implemented and promoted by Savills.

Science Point. Minicentre of Science (GEMINI PARK BIELSKO-BIAŁA)

Established by Gemini Park Bielsko-Biała, the "Science Point. Minicentre of Science" ("SP") is a modern educational space that combines science with fun, inspiring young, bright minds to acquire knowledge through workshops and an interactive exhibition. SP offers a fresh approach to popularising science by explaining complex phenomena in a simple, accessible and experiment-based way. A pioneering solution in the Polish retail market, the SP is the first place of its kind and was created from scratch on the premises of a shopping centre. Its originator was the Gemini and its efforts in this regard were supported by the University of Bielsko-Biała, which guarantees high scientific excellence of the project. The establishment of the SP was made possible thanks to a PLN 234,000 grant received by the university and Gemini from the Ministry of Science and Education — this marks the first time in Poland that a pro-social space in a shopping centre received such funding. The form of cooperation under this project is also a major success: the SP is an example of an excellent joint effort between business, science and local government (Bielsko-Biała authorities) actors. All these partners constantly work together to promote knowledge and integrate the local community around the project. The grant has made it possible to make all SP exhibitions and workshops available for free to anyone interested. This significantly increases SP's accessibility to the local community, including schools and the elderly. It was a great success to win the cooperation of the Mill of Knowledge Modernity Centre, which maintains the "Waves around us" exhibition available at SP that showcases the principles related to the phenomenon of waves. Each of the dozen or so devices available at SP requires manual and intellectual engagement. For example, you can test how sound from a loudspeaker reaches the bone and how music affects the heart rate. SP also has a mini-cinema that plays educational films. Moreover, it regularly hosts workshops, experiments, lessons and other events for auditing students and organised school groups. SP's programme includes as many as 127 activities for schools, adults and the elderly. Its event calendar is filled to the brim with classes in robotics, physical and chemical phenomena, mathematics etc. SP has been opened on 22 April 2022 and will continue to operate until as late as November this year. A total of 7,500 people visited SP in the first month alone.

Special edition of NO to cancer in children preventive examinations (GLOBALWORTH FOUNDATION)

The Globalworth Foundation enhances the health of children with preventative ultrasound screenings program for children. Globalworth Foundation donated 32 000 Euros for a children health project- special edition of "No to cancer in children" program. Globalworth Foundation together with the Ronald McDonald Foundation examined 900 children during a 12-day preventative ultrasound screenings program of children. The examinations were painless, safe and free of charge. The examinations enable early identification of childhood malignancies and developmental abnormalities. Early detection of a cancerous lesion is essential for early diagnosis and effective treatment and increases the chance of recovery. Examinations were carried out in 3 Globalworth communities : Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków. In each of these cities, radiologists aboard the Ambulance - a unique mobile medical station equipped with modern ultrasound equipment - examined children aged 9 months to 6 years. After the completion of the examination parents receive the result and in cases when needed medical advice. In Poland, around 1,200-1,300 new cases of cancer in children are diagnosed annually. When a child falls ill, adults are very often scared and helpless. Questions arise as to what could have been done to prevent the disease. Child’s cancer detected at an early stage is curable in most cases. This is why commonly done diagnostics and prevention is one of the basic ways to effectively fight cancer.

Strabag Group to help Ukrainian refugees (STRABAG)

The war in Ukraine has shaken the world. Both major companies and individuals have rushed to help Ukrainian refugees. STRABAG Group in Poland immediately took measures to provide shelter, necessities, and mental support. Nine days after the start of the war (March 4), the company shared its first fully prepared building for Ukrainians fleeing the war. A week later, another was ready for use. STRABAG Real Estate in cooperation with the City of Warsaw arranged 3,300 sqm of space in the Atrium International building. STRABAG construction company adapted the facility to the needs of refugees, providing additional showers and kitchens. At its peak, over 250 people were accommodated there with the majority being mothers with children and elderly people. Ukrainians have received on-site legal and mental aid. STRABAG Real Estate made similar efforts in Kraków. An average of 460 people have stayed in specially equipped spaces in the Plaza shopping center. Refugees have access to the necessary infrastructure: sanitary facilities, a canteen, and a playroom with toys and books being collected and donated by STRABAG employees. From March 11 until June 29th, the Plaza was a temporary shelter for 2360 refugees waiting either for final accommodation in Kraków or continuing on to another location. The refugee effort saw nearly 200 STRABAG employees involved in adapting two temporary buildings to new conditions. Thanks to cooperation with the city authorities and charity organizations, both facilities were equipped with food, beds, mattresses, and sleeping bags. Internationaler Bund Polska in cooperation with STRABAG Group, IKEA Kraków, and Diverse also launched the "Wardrobe of Good" project. In Plaza, refugees can get free clothes and try them on in a comfortable environment. These initiatives were supported by other goodwill gestures. STRABAG Group joined the relief effort in 40 Polish cities. Business cars transported over 2000 people from the border into Poland. Three trucks that transported 32 tons of food and hygiene products were sent to Kharkiv, Chernihiv, and Lviv. A total of 17 sanitary and living containers were also installed for temporary aid points. The relief efforts were supported by volunteers – company employees, who regularly collected donations. Moreover, from March to May, STRABAG offered its employees two volunteer days, which they could use to help Ukrainians. The STRABAG Group has helped thousands of people who lost their home overnight.

The power of the people of Olivia (OLIVIA CENTRE)

Olivia is an amazing, energetic, creative and creative community. There are almost 12,000 of us, we come from different districts, cities and even countries, we share common passions. Club activities can be attended not only by Olivia Center residents (people working in various companies in the business center), but also by Olivia's friends and acquaintances. Most of the classes are free, and only registration is required to participate. For activities that require specialist knowledge and materials, we give Olivia residents the opportunity to purchase tickets at symbolic prices. Those willing to participate in club activities can book their participation using the My Olivia application, which we have created with a view to conveniently building relationships with residents. Last year, the following clubs operated at the Olivia Center: 1. Olivia Yacht Club 2. Olivia Foto Club 3. Olivia Choir 4. Volunteer Club 5. Olivia's Volleyball Club 6. RPG Club 7. Olivia's Running Club 8. Flora Olivia (Florist club) 9. Tourist Olivia Club

Ukraine Relief Association (MDC2)

Ukraine Relief is the non-profit association supporting Polish families hosting Ukrainian war refugees established by Hadley Dean, Maciej Madejak, Paula Piątkowska and Magda Cieliczko. Our aim is to financially support the families by reimbursing the costs of hosting the refugees. We are actively seeking donors from outside of Poland who would like to make an impact and improve the quality of life of all involved. Since early June till date we managed to raise nearly 6000 eur from the donors. We have initially selected eighteen families hosting more than 60 Ukrainian refugees who we are directly providing the funds on a monthly basis of EUR100 per refugee hosted in pre-screened households. All of the households were verified and visited by our team, and as we grow, we will continue to do so. The situation in Ukraine remains uncertain and many refugees require long-term support. Together with our friends from abroad we stand behind the goodhearted Poles whose extraordinary generosity is now a worldwide good will story and example of how to react in a time of crisis.


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