Accolade Holding, a.s. has 101 employees and operates in six European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Germany, Netherlands), where it invests in modern and sustainable infrastructure for global e-commerce, manufacturing and logistics brands. It owns a network of 40 BREEAM-certified industrial parks in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Slovakia, guaranteeing a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. The group has now completed 2.2 million m2 of commercial properties, which it leases to 142 tenants worldwide. More than 5 million m2 are in the pipeline.

The company’s mission is to support European industrial and commercial infrastructure by financing the development of new projects. Since the events in recent years have accelerated a change in consumer behaviour by boosting online shopping across Europe, modern warehouse facilities are an absolute necessity for the sustainability of European business.

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