The power of the people of Olivia (OLIVIA CENTRE)

Olivia is an amazing, energetic, creative and creative community. There are almost 12,000 of us, we come from different districts, cities and even countries, we share common passions. Club activities can be attended not only by Olivia Center residents (people working in various companies in the business center), but also by Olivia's friends and acquaintances. Most of the classes are free, and only registration is required to participate. For activities that require specialist knowledge and materials, we give Olivia residents the opportunity to purchase tickets at symbolic prices. Those willing to participate in club activities can book their participation using the My Olivia application, which we have created with a view to conveniently building relationships with residents.

Last year, the following clubs operated at the Olivia Center:
1. Olivia Yacht Club
2. Olivia Foto Club
3. Olivia Choir
4. Volunteer Club
5. Olivia's Volleyball Club
6. RPG Club
7. Olivia's Running Club
8. Flora Olivia (Florist club)
9. Tourist Olivia Club
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