Ukraine Relief Association (MDC2)

Ukraine Relief is the non-profit association supporting Polish families hosting Ukrainian war refugees established by Hadley Dean, Maciej Madejak, Paula Piątkowska and Magda Cieliczko.

Our aim is to financially support the families by reimbursing the costs of hosting the refugees.

We are actively seeking donors from outside of Poland who would like to make an impact and improve the quality of life of all involved. Since early June till date we managed to raise nearly 6000 eur from the donors.

We have initially selected eighteen families hosting more than 60 Ukrainian refugees who we are directly providing the funds on a monthly basis of EUR100 per refugee hosted in pre-screened households. All of the households were verified and visited by our team, and as we grow, we will continue to do so.

The situation in Ukraine remains uncertain and many refugees require long-term support.

Together with our friends from abroad we stand behind the goodhearted Poles whose extraordinary generosity is now a worldwide good will story and example of how to react in a time of crisis.
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