Responsible SEGRO framework implementation in Poland (SEGRO POLAND)

A commitment to be a force for societal and environmental good is integral to SEGRO’s purpose and strategy. Its Responsible SEGRO framework focuses on three long-term priorities where the company believes it can make the greatest impact: Championing Low-Carbon Growth, Investing in Local Communities and Environments and Nurturing Talent.
Responsible SEGRO framework is a continuation of years of charity and ecological commitments of the company resulting in Poland i.e. in over 30% of portfolio already certified with BREEAM as well as multiple cooperation with charities. Responsible SEGRO was implemented and rolled out in Poland in 2021 throug various programmes.
Almost the Responsible SEGRO projects have been submitted for this year's edition of the Responsible Business Forum report "Responsible Business in Poland 2021. Good practices". The recognition was granted to such initiatives as: green energy in warehouses (100% in Poland comes from sun and wind), charging stations for electric and hybrid cars, beehives, installation of water springs in educational institutions and initiatives: SEGRO Academy and Be Active with SEGRO.
"Water springs in schools" action aimed installation of 15 contactless water dispensers in educational institutions in Lodz in December 2020. It’s goal was to provide students with drinking, non-bottled water and to build environmental awareness. The access to the springs contributed to the increased awareness of the fact that tap water is drinkable and, to the reduction of the plastic waste production among the pupils. Program will be continued in 2022 with more water dispensers in the pipeline.
Thanks to SEGRO Academy, in 2021, 7 high schools from Lodz and Poznan, 28 teachers and 260 students got inspired by the activities, in the form of fun and healthy competition, to gain knowledge on the warehouse industry. The winners of the English-language warehouse board game received prizes in the form of English courses.
BE Active with SEGRO project promotes physical activity among employees, customers, and contractors, simultaneously supporting selected foundations - for every kilometre cycled or walked, funds are donated to them. Last year, we managed to collect PLN 90 000, which was donated to the "Together" Foundation and the Women's Rights Centre for supporting people in psychological crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
In 2021 SEGRO joined Operation Clean River – our team cleaned 1 ton of trash from Stawy Stefańskiego in Łódź.
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