Bridge to the future - Young Artists Support Found (GLOBALWORTH FOUNDATION)

The joint initiative of the Globalworth Foundation and the Julian Cochran Foundation resulted in the establishment of the scholarship program "Bridge to the future - Young Artists Support Found". The project is addressed to instrumentalists and vocalists aged 18 to 26. Students of music schools, students and graduates of music universities, Polish citizens.
Thanks to the Support of Globalworth Foundation the 15 winning scholarship recipients each received EUR 2,000.

The aim of the Fund is to support and promote young musicians in terms of their professional and educational development by awarding scholarships, enabling them to participate in master classes, artistic residencies and study visits, funding concerts, providing legal advice, assistance in professional networking and mentoring classes.

Recruitment for the scholarship programme began in October 2021 and attracted enormous interest in the classical music industry. It gathered nearly 300 Polish artists-musicians, including violinists, cellists, pianists, vocalists and saxophonists from more than 50 domestic and foreign institutions. During the first stage a jury composed of business and management figures had a chance to learn about the dreams and find out detailed business plans created by the applicants. In the second stage, the participants' skills were judged by eminent personalities of the world of music: Benjamin Woodroffe (Australia), David Watkin (UK) and Yejin Gil (South Korea/Germany).

On 6 December 2021, we announced 15 scholarship holders of the programme. These are talented young musicians winners of international competitions, who know exactly what direction they want to develop their artistic career in. What distinguishes them is their awareness of global trends connected with the perception of art and culture and their introduction of innovative solutions to promote their musical output – all with the aim to enable their talent to reach as many people as possible, and thus to widen the circle of classical music fans. The way they play their instruments resounds with passion, sensitivity and commitment combined with youthful energy and spontaneity.
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