Modlin Airport


Architectural Design of the Year, Poland

Name of project:

Modlin Airport

Type of project:


Street & City where project is located: Modlin
Total space (not leasable space): 13,128 sqm

public sector

Name(s) of investor(s):

Port Lotniczy Modlin Sp. z o.o.


Kuryłowicz & Associates Sp. z o.o. Architects: Stefan Kuryłowicz, Jacek Syropolski, Piotr Wilbik, Ewa Kuryłowicz

Brief information about the architectural studio:

Kuryłowicz & Associates Architecture Studio was founded in 1990 by Prof Stefan Kuryłowicz. Today, it is the most renowned and titled architectural company in the country.

Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view:

This is not the first and certainly not the last product of the studio’s fascination with aeronautics - and the fascination is one that is justified by the function. The curve of the façade resembles a section through an aeroplane. The low cost ethos of budget airlines is well reflected in the simple structural solutions, spare interiors and inexpensive materials.

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