Award: New Retail Concept of the Year, Poland
Name of company:
Concept name: Punkty Merina
Sector: e-commerce
Short desciption of the concept: - the oldest Polish online store – this year changed the owner and started to refresh its image. Right now is preparing a revolution and it wants to show new face of Polish e-commerce. One of the key elements of the change are special “points” - “Punkty Merlina” - places, where you can pick up and order products available on Over the coming 2 months almost 50 of them will be open in different parts of Poland. Customers in new Merlin points will be able to, order products, check available assortment on the touch-screen and receive the shipments. Expectations of e-commerce industry customers are very high , that’s why wants to give them new opportunities and variety of service channels. Combination offline with online fits into the latest trends used in e-commerce and wants to be a company which follows them and is able to dynamically moving forward.
Brief company description: is one of the oldest Polish online shops. Started out as a bookshop. However, over the years has expanded assortment of toys, electronics, cosmetics, clothing and sporting goods, etc. Constantly realize in this way created a concept of the biggest multi online store in Europe.
Company website:

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