Award: New Retail Concept of the Year, Poland
Name of company: KOMPUTRONIK SA
Sector: RETAIL
Short desciption of the concept: In April 2013 the company opened Poland’s first multi-purpose high-tech centre and largest computer store in the country: the Komputronik Megastore in Warsaw. Poland’s most complete and extensive line of IT devices and solutions and consumer electronics are displayed in a space of 2,000 sq m. The location has dozens of skilled salespeople on staff. The location also includes a Game Zone and a Knowledge Zone. The display is supported by a large and well-stocked warehouse serving customers visiting the facility as well as customers placing orders online or by phone. Customers shop using state-of-the-art technology. Instead of a shopping cart, they receive tablets with dedicated software. After using the tablet to scan the product code from the display, customers confirm the purchase, pay for their purchase with cash, using an ATM that accepts deposits or by card with one of the many customer service reps, and then pick up their purchase in the delivery area.
Brief company description: A leading distributor in IT and electronics sector in Poland and operator of the country’s most popular online electronics store.For over 17 years the company has provided Polish homes and businesses with the latest IT hardware,software,electronic accessories,home appliances and home electronics.
Company website: www.komputronik.pl

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