Warehouse Developer of the Year, CEE

Name of company:

Name of president or managing director for the region: Remon L. Vos

Countries in which company operates: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania

Short description of company:
CTP is an award-winning, full-service property developer and asset manager. Since it was set up in 1998, it has grown to become the number-one developer/operator of business parks in the Czech Republic.

Why the company should be considered for the award.: The most significant new development projects either completed, under construction or signed by the company during the period November 2011 to October 2012 include: a 40,000 sqm production and administration building for FEI (under construction); a 33,200 sqm production/warehouse facility for Kompan, Lagermax and MauriceWard (completed); a 55,000 sqm production/warehouse facility for Wistron (completed); a 18,371 sqm production/warehouse facility for ViskoTeepak, Kühne & Nagel and Raben (completed); a 3,500 sqm production building for TE Connectivity (completed); a 12,414 sqm production/warehouse facility for Dachser, Coavis (under construction); a 5,400 sqm administration and testing facility for Honeywell (under construction); a 25.915 sqm production facility for Faurecia (under construction); a 2,500 sqm warehouse for Valeo (under construction); a 6,700 sqm production facility for Henniges (under construction); and a 7,109 sqm production facility for ABB (completed).

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