Warehouse of the Year, Poland

The best warehouse is to be chosen from 20 facilities across Poland. Each major developer has entered two or three projects, according to the size of their portfolio, while the other nominees have been chosen by ‘Eurobuild CEE’ in consultation with market experts. The list of warehouses to be surveyed is given below.
Selection criteria:
– The building should be multi-tenant (a minimum of five tenants)
– The building should have been occupied for at least one year
The questionnaire has been prepared taking into account factors unique to the warehouse sector. The questionnaire consists of 24 questions on various aspects of the functioning of the office building. Tenants have rated key aspects of the warehouses they occupy, such as the rental rates, the location and the facility management services. For the majority of the questions a scale of -5 to 5 has been used, with -5 being completely unsatisfactory and 5 meaning that the tenants are completely satisfied. Zero has been omitted due to its ambivalent nature. The project with the highest score from the questionnaire process will win the award.



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