The Real Estate Personality of the Year, Poland

The nominees will be selected by the Organizer. The winner will be chosen in a two-stage process. In the first stage, the jury members will choose the category’s top three projects to be voted on. The final vote will take place during the gala night and will be open to all the gala attendees, each of whom will be using a voting device.

The Award is dedicated to any person who has been holding a senior managerial position in a company (or companies) associated with the commercial property market (regardless of the company’s business profile) for at least two years now. The candidate should be held in high regard by the business community and the commercial property market representatives, while his/her contribution to the company’s development should be significant. He/She should have strong management qualities and have created a positive work environment in company. Also the candidate should have achieved a significant business result in between October 2015 and September 2016. By his/her attitude and performance in business environment, the Personality of the Year awardee should, beyond any doubt, deserve the award.


Árpád Török

Mr. Török as a CEO has an overall responsibility for defining the overall strategy of the company in close cooperation with the shareholder, preparing new developments & acquisitions and overseeing the managed projects' profitability. He also manages the overall operation and sources of the company. As member of the board, in close cooperation of the top management of TPG, he regularly monitors and evaluates the results of the company and sets the goals for the future.

Ewa Kuryłowicz

Vice president in a three person managerial board, general designer of the studio holding legal design responsibilities in a studio built as a structure of teams with main designers - project leaders

Fabrice BANSAY


Hanna Zdanowska

The Mayor supervises issues entrusted to the vice-mayors of the city and the Treasurer of the city, as well as those issues that are connected with the organization and functioning of the City Hall. What is more, the Mayor coordinates also among others the financial policy of the city, information and social communication policies, as well as economic programming and city strategy.

Katarzyna Pyś-Fabiańczyk

Director responsible for providing advice in leasing, subleasing, acquisition and development of logistic & industrial projects. Her responsibilities include transaction process management (definition of goals, coordination of deadlines, evaluation of the current situation, presentation of possible solutions, independent recommendation). Katarzyna delivers advice on real estate strategies & negotiation (warehouse space acquisition/disposal, renewal, early exit, sublet, expansion/optimization).

Marian Herman

Marian Herman is responsible for all of the company’s finance-related activities including debt financing, divestments, investment management, budgeting, controlling and accounting.

Rafał Mazurczak

In September 2016 Rafał Mazurczak strengthen Echo Investment’s management board. Rafał Mazurczak has been involved with the company for many years and as its director has been responsible for the development of the company in office real estate sector. Rafał Mazurczak is excellent, highly qualified professional. He knows the office market and the company very well as he has been working in Echo for 16 years.

Thomas Kurzmann

Thomas Kurzmann as a CEO is meeting the needs of all groups of interests. He is a seeker of the highest business standards who implements them into everyday organizational culture. As a highest-ranking executive in the GTC company he is responsible not only for business decisions. The GTC’s CEO is a visionary who is able to peek into the future and to take appropriate decisions how to meet the needs of potential tenants on a very specific and difficult commercial office and retail estate market.


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