28 September 2020

Wanted: the best judges in the sector!

Wanted: the best judges in the sector!

Since its very beginning, the feature of the Eurobuild Awards that has made it stand out has been its large and prestigious group of jurors. So once again we are inviting the most eminent people on the real estate market to sit on the jury!


Last year’s event raised the bar to a very high level, when as many as 252 jurors – representing the entire real estate sector– took part in the deliberations.

Now that the preparations for the 11thEurobuild Awards are well underway, our ambitions are just as huge. So we would like to you to join the market experts and high-level managers that make up this year’s jury. We believe that we can approach the size of jury achieved last year.

In our opinion, it’s only by having such a large body of esteemed professionals that we can ensure a reliable assessment of the Eurobuild Awards candidates and the transparency of the competition –by having the winners in most categories chosen by a large and representative group of the entire real estate market.

But there is one that you need to do: you have to submit an application to sit on the jury. Maybe your vote will turn out to be crucial!

Registrations for the jury can be made via this link: jury-registration. So we are waiting for your applications, which must be submitted by the close of day on October 28th!