Zbigniew Juroszek

Award: The Real Estate Personality of the Year Award
Candidate’s name: Zbigniew Juroszek
Company’s name: ATAL S.A.
Current position: CEO of ATAL S.A.
Description of the position: Zbigniew Juroszek, CEO of ATAL S.A. - the businessman with 25 years of experience, the founder and owner of one of the biggest residential development companies – ATAL S.A. Zbigniew Juroszek with his family is an owner of the biggest licensed sportbetting company in Poland - STS.
Work experience in this position: Zbigniew Juroszek started to invest in real proprety in the second half of 90’s. Since that time, he has been managing a company. Currently ATAL S.A. has got more than 30 accomplished projects in five cities in Poland.
Description of business activity (profile, market sectors served, etc.): ATAL S.A. is one of the biggest residential development companies in Poland. Currently ATAL S.A. leads investments in five Polish cities. The company sells over 1000 flats every year. Since June this year the company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Size of the company managed by the candidate (headcount, regions of activity): ATAL S.A. has got its investments in 5 cities in Poland: Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, Katowice and Lodz. Zbigniew Juroszek comes from Cieszyn, where is ATAL S.A. headoffice. The company employs over 100 people and provides employment for over 1000 people.
The y-o-y increase in profits/income generated last year: Income generated in 2014 (ATAL S.A. only): operating income (EBIT): 167 028 000 PLN, net profit: 136 506 000 PLN,
Career path (Previous employers, professional progress, when was the candidate promoted to the current position, etc.): At the beginning of his career Zbigniew Juroszek was successful in textile market. In the second half of 90’s he decided to invest the financial surplus in real property. In 1997 he founded the biggest licensed sportbetting company in Poland - STS.
Biggest business achievements, especially those made last year: Until now in 2015 ATAL S.A. introduced 14 new projects to the market and sold over 1300 flats. In June 2015 ATAL S.A. made successful IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. For a dozen or so years the chairman of ATAL S.A. has been listed among 100 of the wealthiest Poles by Forbes and Wprost magazines.
- Contributions made to the improvement of the CEE commercial property market: ATAL S.A. is one of the leaders on the estate market in Poland. Through its actions the company has influence on the development of the Polish economy, which is one of the biggest in CEE. In addition, ATAL S.A. was a pioneer in launching the interior finishig programme.
Other industry awards and prizes: ATAL S.A. and Zbigniew Juroszek are a multiple laureate of the various awards, incl. Diamenty Forbesa and Gazele Biznesu. In 2015 the ‘Dyrekcyjna 33 Apartamenty’ investment won the competition entitled International Property Awards.

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