Workshop "Society and me" for Foundation CSR Kompas

Award: Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, CEE
Name of Achievement: Workshop "Society and me" for Foundation CSR Kompas
Achiever (company name): Kuryłowicz & Associates Sp. z o.o.
Please write information about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact: K&A believes in social, environmental and economic impacts of its operations. Our flagship event is program Compass for schools which was organized for Foundation CSR Kompas. In march 2015 we took part in workshop named Society and me. During that workshop children have been talking about society and sustainable architecture. The main subjects was questions: What is society? What is the role of social norms? How much ethics is related to business and why the profession of architect requires responsibility and social sensitivity. Children in assistance of one of our architects had to create a house project for family with 2 kids, grandparents and a disabled cousin. Working in teams, students had in mind the needs of older people, disabilities and remember that the modern house is environmentally friendly (it is energy efficient, it saves water and segregates garbage). The Compass for Schools shapes students' attitudes consistent with the values of CSR and inspires to the future actions.
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