Virako Calendar/"Happy Playgrounds" campaign.


Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, CEE

Name of Achievement:

Virako Calendar/"Happy Playgrounds" campaign.

Information about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact: Virako, as a socially responsible company, takes part in charity events for children and has organised the Happy Playgrounds campaign for the fourth time. This year Virako announced a competition for Łódź organisations for the most interesting educational project, which will be financed with the profits from the sales of the Virako Calendar. This has been produced as a combination of charity activity and art. There have been three exhibitions so far: the first included photographs by Filip Maranda and Joanna Pawłowska; the second included the work of Janusz Kaniewski, a designer. the third featured World Press Photo winner Chris Niedenthal’s photos; the fourth is based on Jodi Bieber’s photographs, including the famous photo of Bibi Aisha from Afghanistan, mutilated by her husband. This photograph made the cover of Time in 2010 and was the reason Bieber received the World Press Photo. The 2013 Virako Calendar was displayed at an exhibition at the Forum 76 Business Centre building in Łódź on November 22nd.

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