The Panorama Charity Record

Award: Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, CEE
Name of Achievement: The Panorama Charity Record
Achiever (company name): Balmain Asset Management CEE Sp. z o.o.
Please write information about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact: Social responsibility is stated among statutory goals of Balmain Asset Management. Company supports a number of charities including The Elifar Foundation which was founded by one of the directors of the company. BAM is also one of the James Ketchell’s sponsors - serial adventurer raising money for people in need. Balmain donations annual value is apx. 60 000 pln. Most of the marketing projects run in shopping centres managed by Balmain, including charity. One of the latest was the Panorama Charity Record - a charity action that took place on the 20th September in the Galeria Panorama in Poznań. On that day each person who visited the centre supported 1 of 4 non-governmental organizations not paying anything – the shopping centre Owners, including Balmain, committed to donate 1 złoty per each of the visitor. The customers voted for the foundation that would receive the largest support. 11,694 customers took part in the action, so the foundations received 11,694 zloty donations.
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