Tarasy Zamkowe

Award: Architectural Design of the Year, Poland
Name of project: Tarasy Zamkowe
Type of project : shopping centre
Street & City where project is located: Al. Unii Lubelskiej 2, 20-108 Lublin
Total space (not leasable space): 104000 m2
Name(s) of investor(s): Immofinanz Services Poland
Developer: Immofinanz Services Poland
Short information about architectural firm(s) : Stelmach i Partnerzy, architecture office founded in 1992, specializing in urban planning and architectural design of cities, landscape and houses. The company operates all over Poland with its main office in Lublin.
Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view: LOCATION The area is situated in the centre of Lublin, near Czechówka river. On the west side, there is Castle Hill, on the north side – Podzamcze area with Czwartek Hill, an orthodox church and a Jewish cemetery. Designed building has to reflect the modern-day rules of pro-ecological creativity. The essential assumption is to subordinate the structure of the building to the conditions of cultural landscape preservation. In this case sustainable design has to take into consideration above all the context of the cultural heritage, and then nature heritage and energy efficiency. One and only humanist (non-commercial) reason to build Commercial Centre is to create a meeting place – a city in miniature. The most important meeting place for the residents of Lublin in Galeria Tarasy Zamkowe will be on its roof with the view on the Castle and other elements of the historical panorama of the city.
Project website: http://www.immofinanz.com/en/properties/core-properties/tarasy-zamkowe/ID1438

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