Room of Dreams for Elderly People


Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, CEE

Name of Achievement:

Room of Dreams for Elderly People

Achiever (company name):

Philips Lighting Poland

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Imagine a room of dreams restoring the energy and happiness thanks to a specific light therapy for the elderly, ailing people and seniors. This group needs our care and is almost entirely dependent on the surrounding world as today’s lifestyle overshadows the needs of the elderly people. Fast living, technology cause that they become almost invisible for the society. Thus, Philips Lighting decided to arrange a light therapy room in the Welfare Home for elderly people in Pila. We completely modernized an unused space in the building, designing and furnishing it in that way that they feel like traveling back to their youth time. But the most important is the light color therapy which calms, relaxes and helps in the treatment of many chronic diseases of old age like e.g. Alzheimer’s. Moreover, an intensive white light in an appropriate quality and amount regenerates in a great way and adds vital energy. We are proud that the Room of Dreams brings the joy of life back to people.

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