Radek Świątkowski

Award: The Real Estate Personality of the Year Award
Candidate’s name: Radek Świątkowski
Company’s name: REINO Partners
Current position: Co-founder and Managing Partner
Description of the position: One of three Co-funders and Managing Partners, i.a responsible for fund-raising, investment structures and financial management
Work experience in this position: Together with Dorota Latkowska-Diniejko and Małgorzata Cieślak-Belgy, Radek has successfully established and managed first independent and privately held real estate investment management firm introducing first investment vehicles dedicated to Polish HNWI.
Description of business activity (profile, market sectors served, etc.): REINO Partners is an independent and privately held real estate investment management firm with a highly experienced, entrepreneurial team. REINO Partners has been set up and is run by 3 professionals: Dorota Latkowska-Diniejko, Małgorzata Cieślak-Belgy and Radosław Świątkowski.
Size of the company managed by the candidate (headcount, regions of activity): REINO Partners is based in Warsaw and has a local team of 10 people. Assets Under Management (vehicles established and managed by REINO Partners): +EUR 120m
The y-o-y increase in profits/income generated last year: 200%
Career path (Previous employers, professional progress, when was the candidate promoted to the current position, etc.): Prior to founding REINO Partners in 2010, Radek had been expanding real estate business in BBI Group, one of the first and largest Polish private-owned investment groups. He established and managed the first development fund listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He has 19 years of experience in capital markets and investments, PE/VC, M&A, fund-raising, managing funds and companies.
Biggest business achievements, especially those made last year: REINO Partners, an independent and privately held real estate investment management company, is the originator, fund and asset manager for REINO Dywidenda Fund, REINO Dywidenda 2 Fund and REINO Dywidenda Plus SA, first dividend, hands-on and exit driven investment vehicles dedicated to Polish HNWI. Equity was contributed for the selected high quality investment product: Kapelanka 42B, Malta House, Alchemia I (total value of +EUR120m). The transactions was closed between 10/2014 and 08/2015.
- Contributions made to the improvement of the CEE commercial property market: The investment vehicles established and managed by REINO Partners are the first vehicles dedicated to Polish high-net-worth individual (HNWI), competing with the largest foreign investors and focusing on high quality investment products only.
Other industry awards and prizes: None

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