Protection of children from abuse – a call from hotels in Poland


Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, CEE

Name of Achievement:

Protection of children from abuse – a call from hotels in Poland


Orbis Hotel Group

Information about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact: As part of its preventive and educational policy to protect minors, Orbis Hotel Group has signed, in the presence of the Police Commander-in-Chief and the Nobody's Children Foundation, a groundbreaking document for the hospitality industry in Poland, namely a Code of Conduct aimed at protecting children against sexual abuse. As a result of excellent interdisciplinary collaboration, trilateral commitment and a common vision of promoting good practices, this initiative was widely broadcasted by all the major media in Poland: TVP 2 Panorama, Polsat News, TVP Polonia, Dzieńdobry TVN, Polskie Radio, Redaio ESKa, Radio Zet, Antyradio and Rzeczpospolita, among others. The Code of Conduct is our response to the golbal problem of the sexual exploitation of minors, both in the world and in Poland. The protection of children is one of our 21 commitments for the environment and society.

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