Jury Awards

Varso Place (Varso 1 and Varso 2)
Varso Place is a development that revived the most central brownfield area of Warsaw, which was razed during World War II and never fully revitalised. It has been developed by HB Reavis based on best practices, focused on creating healthy, productive and sustainable workspace. Designed by HRA Architects the two mid-rise limestone and glass cladded Varso Place buildings have been fully leased prior to their completion.
Located at the doorstep of the Warsaw’s main transport interchange, Varso Place boasts excellent access to trams, buses, metro and commuter rail. The scheme provides office employees and visitors with only a short walking distance to all major destinations in the city centre. Varso Place provides not only modern workplace but also a well-designed and easily accessible public space. It is a unique place dedicated to business, residents and tourists – where people will work, go about their everyday business and unwind in comfort.