Neinver completes a 5,500 sqm deal


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Neinver completes a 5,500 sqm deal

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An outlet package transaction covering brands from LPP portfolio, incl. Reserved, Mohito, SinSay and House: creating a mono-brand shop destination for outlet customers, 13 transactions, totalling 5,400 sqm of retail space in outlets in Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow and Wroclaw. Each lease agreement is different as regards the brand, terms and conditions, the unit's technical state, the scope of fit-out works, location and maturity of a given retail scheme. The transaction's scale and complexity are believed to make it one of the year's key leasing achievements on the retail market. All agreements were signed at the same time, within one deal. The package deal involves opening new stores, enlarging the retail area of the existing ones and prolonging lease contracts, all of which is bound to contribute to boosting the appeal of FACTORY. The changes will continue to be introduced gradually until the end of the year.

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