National Music Forum

Award: Architectural Design of the Year, Poland
Name of project: National Music Forum
Type of project : Public Concert Halls
Street & City where project is located: Plac Wolności 1, Wrocław
Total space (not leasable space): 48178
Name(s) of investor(s): Gmina Wrocław
Developer: Minister Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego, Gmina Wrocław, Województwo Dolnośląskie
Architect: Kuryłowicz&Associates
Short information about architectural firm(s) : Kurylowicz & Associates Architecture Studio was founded in 1990 by Prof Stefan Kurylowicz. Today, it is the most renowned and titled architectural company in the Poland. It employs 80 experienced architects in offices in Warsaw and Wroclaw. The studio can boast many prestigious realisations in the whole country. It has experience in designing investments of every size and function.
Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view: National Music Forum situated in the central part of Wroclaw (Poland), at Pl. Wolności, close to the Old Town Market Square, is a result of international competition of 2005, judged by Eric van Egeraat as the president. The basic functional program of NMF consists of the main Concert Hall for 1800 seats dedicated to all kinds of musical performances and three chamber halls. Besides serving the purpose of musical presentations, the building is also a seat of several musical institutions. There are numerous individual technical solutions applied in the building in order to provide the best musical perception. The acoustical parameters of all the halls had been specified in close cooperation with New York ARTEC Consultants company. The elevations of NMF are finished with reddish wooden PRODEMA panels and golden aluminium which is a symbolic reference to the appearance of the musical instruments and a building’s dialogue with the surrounding red brick historical buildings.
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