Lease agreement for over 21 000 sqm with Infosys BPO Poland


Outstanding Business Achievement of the Year, CEE

Name of Achievement:

Lease agreement for over 21 000 sqm with Infosys BPO Poland

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Skanska Property Poland

Information about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact:

Skanska Property Poland and Infosys BPO Poland signed a lease agreement for an area of over 21,000 sqm in Infosys Green Horizon office complex in Lodz. It covered new lease terms for the area already occupied by Infosys plus an additional 3,800 sqm of office space. According to Cushman & Wakefield real estate advisory firm, which represented the tenant during the transaction, the agreement was the largest deal in the history of the Lodz office market and the biggest lease transaction in Poland in 2014. The new lease agreement extended the lease period to 2024. The transaction proved that long-term cooperation based on dialogue and common values can be beneficial for both sides. The building has been developed in cooperation with Infosys BPO Poland, therefore, being an excellent example of an office complex that is suitable for outsourcing companies. Such a long-term agreement proved that the project has met all of the client's requirements, especially those regarding space flexibility

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