Largest new office space lease transaction in Poland in 2014

Award:Outstanding Business Achievement of the Year, CEE
Name of Achievement:Largest new office space lease transaction in Poland in 2014
Achiever (company name):Golub GetHouse / Savills
Please write information about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact. :In July 2014, investor & developer Golub GetHouse supported by Savills, finalized a pre-lease agreement with Raiffeisen Polbank for over 19,500 sqm of space located in PRIME Corporate Center (78 Grzybowska St., Warsaw). Apart from office space, the bank has also leased additional retail areas, which constitutes over 95% of the entire building. Starting from April 2016, the tailor-made office tower is to house the bank’s new HQ. The agreement was concluded for 10 years. This business achievement is the largest new office space lease transaction in Poland this year and largest lease of office space in Warsaw in 2014. It happened against fierce competition, proving that tenants continue to attach great importance to a high-quality design, experience, integrity and commitment of a developer. Golub GetHouse and his advisors have also been chosen for its pro-active and entrepreneurial approach, outstanding marketing campaign and flexibility demonstrated in negotiations.

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