Hyatt Regency Warsaw’s first roof apiary in Poland


Outstanding Business Achievement of the Year, CEE

Name of Achievement:

Hyatt Regency Warsaw’s first roof apiary in Poland, producing its own honey for guests

Achiever: Hyatt Regency Warsaw
Iinformation about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact. : Hyatt Regency Warsaw now has 100,000 bees on a roof terrace producing honey, which is served for breakfast at the Venti-tre hotel Restaurant for guests. Hyatt is the first and the only hotel in Poland that has two species of bees on its roof. The “Łazienki Gold” honey label has become very popular among the Hyatt’s guests. Hyatt Regency Warsaw is the only hotel in Poland to set up apiaries and produce its own honey. Since May, the bees have been collecting the nectar from the trees in Łazienki Royal Park, located opposite the Hyatt, and turning it into honey. The bees’ work has been monitored and supervised by Marek Barzyk, an experienced beekeeper at an ecological apiary in the mountain area of Podkarpacie. Through his work, bees have adapted well to Hyatt roof with the benefit for the hotel’s guests and local community due to the bees is invaluable: they perform the crucial task of pollinating flowers and plants, without which the food chain would collapse.

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