European Center of Geological Education

Award: Architectural Design of the Year, Poland
Name of project: European Center of Geological Education
Type of project : Public Service Architecture
Street & City where project is located: Poland, Świętokrzyskie, Chęciny near Kielce
Total space (not leasable space): 6500 m2
Name(s) of investor(s): Warsaw Uniwersity
Developer: Warsaw Uniwersity
Architect: WXCA
Short information about architectural firm(s) : WXCA is an architecture office offering a wide range of Investor services. Starting with programme consulting, through various kinds of project designing: urban and architect projects, engineering, to realisation, interior design, and landscape architecture. Our prime goal remains to face the Investor's requirements, and to provide full service with the realisation of the project.
Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view: The ECEG complex consists of five buildings: a main representative building with auditorium hall for 240 people, a research laboratory facility, and three module hotel buildings: two for students and one for the center's guests and the staff, of higher standard. The project is located in old, exploited quarry in region of Holy Cross Mountains which are a unique place of geologists illustrating 560 million years of Earth’s history, 500m away from the ruins of medieval royal castle. The rectangular blocks of the buildings were scattered around the quarry like freshly loosened stone blocks that are the reminiscent of the former function of this place. The façade is made of different fractions, chipped stone block of limestone, geologically identical with the quarry rock. Power supply is in 90% provided form renewable sources of energy: 91heat pumps and solar installation. Landscape design and green roofs are preserving naturally occurring plant species in this area like grassland swards.
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