CEE Charity Day at Colliers International


Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, CEE

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CEE Charity Day at Colliers International


Colliers International staff

Information about the achievement, describing the context of the achievement and it’s results or impact: Volunteers from Colliers International in 13 countries took part in a region-wide charity day on Sept 21st. The idea was to support local communities and have a positive impact on the environments that our offices are operating in. Fourteen Colliers offices in Eastern Europe were out on this day, giving their helping hands to those in need. Selected causes included: cleaning the yard of a church in Bulgaria, organising an excursion for children in Athens, helping out in the Zugligeti kindergarten in Budapest, organising a trip to the cinema for kids from the Support Centre for Child and Families in Warsaw, helping the pupils of a school in Bucharest, helping an orphanage in Moscow, supporting a shelter for retired people in Moscow, donating blood, helping Autistic Center Andreas in Bratislava, and providing basic food packages to elderly destitute people in Ukraine. Most of the initiatives will be continued with the personal involvement of Colliers staff.

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