A4 Business Park II

Award: Architectural Design of the Year, Poland
Name of project: A4 Business Park II
Type of project : office
Street & City where project is located: Katowice, Poland
Total space (not leasable space): 10 000
Name(s) of investor(s): Echo investment
Developer: Echo Investment
Architect: DDJM
Short information about architectural firm(s) : DDJM is an architectural firm from Cracow - Marek Dunikowski, Wojciech Miecznikowski and Jarosław Kutniowski.
Brief information about the project from an architectural point of view: The design of A4 Business Park has been created by the DDJM architectural studio of Kraków. The facades of the buildings will consist of a composition made of stone, glass and aluminium. According to the designers, such a division will reflect the office function of the project and provide the best working conditions to its future users. The architects have also suggested a modular division both in the plan of individual floors and on the facade, which makes it possible to arrange the interior freely. The A4 Business Park buildings have been designed with a focus on the quality and security: solid, natural materials, the latest technologies, energy efficient lift and ventilation systems, an access control system and a burglary signalling system are only some of the elements which prove the modern character of the facility. In accordance with the current top standards, the offices will be equipped with raised floors, suspended ceilings, as user-friendly lighting and air-conditioning.
Project website: http://a4businesspark.pl/

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