Shopping Centre of the Year

The winning shopping centre is to be chosen from 30 buildings across Poland. The list of shopping centres has been drawn up in consultation with market experts and is given below.
Selection criteria:
– The building should have been occupied for at least one year, since July 2017
– The building should have maintained an occupancy rate of at least a 75 pct
The questionnaire has been prepared taking into account factors unique to the retail sector. The questionnaire consists of 33 questions on various aspects of the functioning of the shopping centre. Tenants are to rate key aspects of the shopping centres they occupy, such as the rental rates, the location and the facility management services. For the majority of questions a scale of -5 to 5 has been used, with -5 being completely unsatisfactory and 5 meaning that the tenants are completely satisfied. Zero has been omitted due to its ambivalent nature. The project with the highest score from the questionnaire process will win the award.

Shopping Centres

1 CH Promenada
2 Blue City
3 Galeria Mokotow
4 Plac Unii Lubelskiej
5 Port Łódź
6 Galeria Łódzka
7 Magnolia Park
8 Aleja Bielany
9 Bronowice
10 Galeria Kazimierz
11 Bonarka
12 Posnania
13 Poznań Plaza
14 Galeria Pestka
15 Riviera
16 Madison
17 Silesia City Centre
18 Galeria Katowicka
19 Galaxy
20 Kaskada
21 Gemini Park Tarnów
22 Galeria Pomorska
23 Galeria Ascana
24 Galeria Sudecka
25 Galeria Sfera
26 Plaza Rzeszów
27 Tarasy Zamkowe
28 Galeria Olimp
29 Karolinka Opole
30 Vivo



Vivo Piła


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