Outstanding Non-Business Achievement of the Year, Poland

We’re looking for an individual or a group who have achieved something out of the ordinary between October 2015 and September 2016. It may be a significant contribution to charity or dedication to a cause, or the achievement of something special.


Skanska has started a strategic cooperation with the “Integration” Foundation (one of the most active and merit partners acting for social and employment inclusion), which is a new opening in ... more
Virako Company, which is one of the appreciated polish developers, since the beginning of its existence, apart of its business activity, engages itself in various non-profit actions. Foundation ... more
1. WHO? Griffin Art Space is an institution founded by Griffin Real Estate to support and promote visual arts. Its main area of activity involves providing patronage to the most significant ... more
Once a post-industrial, inaccessible quarter in Wola district. Today – a new urban space with greenery, fountains, cafés and restaurants, culture and art spots. Plac Europejski (European Square) ... more
Galeria Łódzka organized a joyful marathon sewing as part of charity campaign "Uszyj Jasia." It was the first such action in the capital of the Polish textile industry. For small patients ... more
JLL takes its responsibility for the social, environmental and economic impacts of its operations extremely seriously. The company constantly evolves its strategy and is dedicated to engendering ... more


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