ESG Real Estate Leader of the Year, CEE

Any company (developer, investor or owner) operating on the real estate market in the CEE region between October 2020 and June 2022, putting a significant emphasis on the implementation of the ESG idea in its activities, is eligible to be nominated. The jury will consider the actual activities of the candidates in all aspects of the ESG philosophy – environmental, social and corporate governance. The final assessment will be influenced by the number of projects (launched and completed) in accordance with the ESG ideas, by real impact of these projects on humans and the natural environment, by presence and quality of reporting, and by changes in the company structure according to the ESG ideas.

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As part of our long-term ESG commitment, we uphold UN sustainable development goals. Responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture and daily work. Our priority is to be a trustworthy, responsible and transparent company that applies the principles of sustainable development in all areas in which it operates. We have been engaged in philanthropy for many years, we act responsibly towards the environment and, last but not least, we think of our employees by creating a healthy work environment, providing equal opportunities and supporting their training. Our flagship project, a logistics building in Cheb, became the greenest industrial building in the world according to BREEAM, receiving a record high score of 90.68%. In line with our ESG goals, we use the rooftops of our industrial parks as solar power plants. The installations primarily supply energy directly to the buildings and cover the tenants’ energy consumption.

CA Immobilien Anlagen

CA Immo is committed to strategic sustainability management. wide range of measures are implemented, including minimizing the carbon footprint and resource consumption and setting high social standards. In AT, PL, RO and HU, all electricity comes from green sources. This process is also being implemented in CZ and DE. Group will reduce its CO2 emissions by around 60k tones a year as of 2023. Our sustainable business agenda summarizes our focus areas – Climate & Energy; Sustainable Procurement & Supply Chain; Resource Conservation & Circular Economy; Sustainable Urban District Development; Business Ethics, Corporate Governance & Compliance; H & S. CA Immo wants to actively contribute to achieving the climate and environmental targets defined by the EU. We defined our strategic targets and principles, the most important are described below: – Reduction of the average Scope 1+2 CO2 emission intensity by 50% by 2030 – All new projects 2030 onwards are climate neutral in operation

Cushman & Wakefield

At Cushman & Wakefield, we believe that property should be sustainable. We are at the heart of this transition and fully committed to reducing our and our clients' environmental impact throughout the property lifecycle. As Sustainability and ESG become not only a priority but a mandate for many companies, our strength lays in our ability to combine a range of disciplines into one seamless, end-to-end delivery solution and translate organizational goals to asset-level action items, in all critical areas: • Advisory - we design and deliver the roadmap to help our clients achieve their real estate-focused ESG ambitions • Reporting - we assist clients in reporting their ESG data for internal tracking and external disclosure obligations • Technical Services - we provide asset-level advice on how to improve buildings in the pursuit of ESG and net-zero goals • Building Certification - we certify buildings to contribute to owners' or occupiers' ESG strategy, reporting and reputational uplift

DL Invest Group

In 2021 DL Invest Group introduced a complex ESG Strategy “DL Green” with a time horizon of 2026. DL Invest Group intends to continue its dynamic growth in the logistics and office real estate segment, with the ambition of doubling the portfolio within the next 3 years. The central measure is for all new buildings to be designed and constructed to meet BREEAM certification requirements. DL Invest Group perceives Green Financial Instrument as significant support for its business goals. The rationale and role of the Green Financing Framework Climate change arguably poses the biggest challenge for the 21st century. As buildings are directly and indirectly responsible for 38% of Poland’s emissions action within this sector weighs heavily. Financing this transition remains of critical importance and a green bond, being directly linked with ambitious standards for new buildings, contributes to realizing the target.

Echo Investment

At Echo we co-develop modern cities - design large, multi-functional investments, the so-called „Destination”. They have various functions, thanks to which they complement the urban tissue in a way that positively affects the environment. These are places that attract people, encourage them to spend time in them and inspire them to act. We support sustainable urban development policies, we counteract the spread of cities into the suburbs, we promote modern transport and implement the idea of a 15-minute city, i.e. one that provides residents with space to live, work and run errands within a 15-minute walk or a bike ride. We give cities back areas that were previously closed and degraded. We re-develop and open spaces for residents, we expand the infrastructure also beyond our investments. We restore their urban functions, their utility and natural values, which is the basic need of local communities.

Ghelamco Poland

Ghelamco is a pioneer of ESG in Poland. In 2022, Ghelamco started building its own photovoltaic farms that will power all of the skyscrapers owned by Ghelamco. This is an unprecedented situation in the whole country. This will allow Ghelamco to achieve energy neutrality by 2024. Warsaw UNIT will be the first skyscraper in Poland to be entirely powered by clean electricity. By using energy from renewable sources, CO2 emissions for the Warsaw Unit will be reduced by as much as 53% and utility consumption by as much as 70%. Warsaw UNIT is already the greenest office building in Poland. In 2021, it was the first skyscraper in Poland to receive the highest possible rating (Outstanding) in the prestigious BREEAM certification process. Currently Ghelamco is in the process of building The Bridge skyscraper. It will be the only skyscraper of this class connected to a historic building (Bellona), which shows the company's approach to sustainable development.

Globe Trade Centre (GTC)

The ESG strategy is in line with GTC’s sustainable development goals, including further certification of buildings, powering properties with green energy, and reducing water consumption across the CEE portfolio. The goal is to provide GTC's stakeholders – investors, local communities, tenants, commercial real estate industry leaders – with transparent knowledge about the Group's ESG activities. This allows them to make appropriate investment decisions, as demonstrated by GTC's successful green bond issues in 2020-2021. ESG reporting is also aimed at attracting tenants who look for sustainable partners and prefer to have offices in sustainable buildings. In 2021, GTC was the first commercial real estate developer in CEE to publish a comprehensive ESG report. The report presented unique data proving GTC's commitment to sustainable development, responsible construction and property management, as well as cooperation with local communities and stakeholders.

Invesco Real Estate

Invesco Real Estate joined three global climate initiatives: The Climate Action 100+, The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change, and The World Economic Forum’s Climate Change Resilient Infrastructure initiative Invesco Real Estate recognizes the need to proactively evaluate and mitigate potential ESG+R-related risks, and we are taking the steps needed to prepare our assets for the effects of our changing world. These steps include managing energy, water, and waste consumption and associated costs; managing regulatory changes and ensuring compliance with emissions standards that impact our assets; maintaining frequent, clear, and consistent communications regarding emergency preparedness; fostering diversity of thought; and implementing a climate change risk management and reporting process. Invesco RE has committed to include ESG in all investments by 2023 in Europe, and to achieve zero emissions in its investments by 2050 or earlier.


We seek to integrate ESG considerations in our business activities, taking into account our use of natural resources, to minimise our carbon footprint and environmental impact. We seek to maximise biodiversity, to look after the health, safety and well-being of our employees, workers, contractors and wider community. We strive to implement effective corporate governance while maintaining positive financial returns. Aiming at construction all our projects to BREEAM New Construction – Excellent Forest Forever Foundation is an example of our commitment to longstanding custodianship of environmental causes Strong Corporate Governance with Board Committees Oversight Adherence to applicable norms and regulations to ensure the highest operating standards. Revolutionary employee benefit: supporting a mental health of our people: first week of July the whole company takes a week off at the same time, on top of their holidays.

Mercure Katowice Centrum

Planet21 - programme demonstrates the hotel's ambitious goals, based around four strategic priorities: work with its employees, involve its customers, innovate with its partners and work with local communities. Our commitments: - be an inclusive company and ensure the welfare of our people encourage our guests to act as multipliers of the positive effects of our actions - establish a lasting relationship with our partners, who share our commitments and are working with us to produce innovative solutions that have a positive impact - work hand-in-hand with local communities, because our commitment does not end at the hotel door - healthy and sustainable food, with a ban on food waste - amove towards carbon-neutral buildings Additionally, we consciously and actively take part in the history of Katowice. We contribute to the green transformation of the city. Leaving an industrial past behind and welcoming a sustainable and green future. We call it “Green and Clean”.

MLP Group

MLP Group is a developer, long-term owner and manager of high-quality business parks for commercial, industrial and logistics use in Poland, Germany, Austria and Romania. We focus primarily on measures geared towards reducing our adverse environmental impacts. We concentrate on our goal to achieve climate neutrality by 2026. We are guided by the vision of being a Green Industrial Developer. As a long-term portfolio holder, we see sustainable real estate as part of our corporate DNA. We develop our projects ”organically” by adapting our business parks to the needs and opportunities of the surrounding area (”built-to-environment”).

New Work

CEE-based flex workspace provider New Work is introducing a new “Space in the Cloud” service which not only helps new and existing tenants save money but allows them to manage their workforce in a more flexible and ESG-compliant way.

Panattoni Europe

Our ESG activities take into account the environment, society and corporate governance. The selection of relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and EU targets helps us and our partners to achieve compliance with the EU taxonomy. Guided by the above targets, we aim to achieve zero carbon ourselves and support our customers in doing so. The measures we take minimize the negative impacts of our business while going beyond the minimum required by law. In 2022, we introduced environmental certification of our developments to the completion standard - first at the BREEAM Very Good level and from the end of 2021. - Excellent. We act for the benefit of local communities by expanding road infrastructure in the cities where we operate, and support access to education, culture and the arts. Panattoni also operates in accordance with corporate governance policies and procedures governing both internal and external relations.


At Prologis, we’re building a sustainable future today. Our ESG efforts create value for our business by driving innovation, deepening relationships, reducing our capital costs, expanding customer offerings and strengthening our position as an employer of choice. Over the last four decades, Prologis has embedded environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance (ESG) practices across our business. Through our focus on sustainable buildings and investments into industry-leading innovation and technology, we support our customers, communities, employees and shareholders while addressing many of the world’s most pressing challenges. We maximize our impact by focusing on four strategic approaches: * business integration - our commitment to ESG is strengthened further by alignment with the Prologis 3Cs: Customer Centricity; Change Through Innovation and Operational Excellence; Culture and Talent; * customer focused solutions * innovation * culture and Talent

Reino Capital

REINO, acting as a responsible real estate player, understands the importance of environmental issues in this regard and is committed to responding to the sustainability needs of investors and tenants. REINO is in the process of implementing ESG strategy for the Group and the whole real estate portfolio on the Polish market which will be set on the authentic pillars. ESG Strategy will place emphasis on operating in a manner that protects the environment to support the company’s goal of having a positive long-term impact. It will define the ambitious objectives and a plan for achieving them. Being fully aware of the loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, the importance of minimising and responding to it, we undertake initiatives to reduce the negative environmental impact of the properties we manage. Thus, the strategy will include decarbonization path for the Group and whole portfolio (CREEM net zero).

Segro Poland

A commitment to be a force for social and environmental good is integral to SEGRO’s purpose and strategy. Its Responsible SEGRO program framework focuses on three long-term priorities: Championing Low-Carbon Growth, Investing in Local Communities and Environments and Nurturing Talent. Responsible SEGRO framework is a continuation of years of charity and ecological commitments of the company. Operational aspects of program result i.e. in the construction of energy-saving infrastructure – over 30% of the Polish portfolio is BREEAM certified, as well as multiple projects for charities. Responsible SEGRO was implemented and rolled out in Poland in 2021 through various activities. Responsible SEGRO projects were recognized in this year's edition of the Responsible Business Forum report Responsible Business in Poland 2021. Good practices. Among them: green energy in warehouses (100% in Poland comes from sun and wind) or charging stations for electric cars.

SKANSKA's commercial development business unit in CEE

Skanska's ESG strategy (also called Sustainability strategy) is defined in the following way: shaping sustainable places to support healthy living beyond our lifetime. The strategy is based on three pillars: Responsibility (health & safety, fair & ethical business, safeguarding the environment, embracing diversity), Climate (developing and using insights for climate action, partnering to innovate net zero solutions, transforming to low-carbon construction), Resilience (creating healthy & climate resilient urban spaces, supporting long-term community needs, partnering for social value). Sustainability is part of our overal business strategy and progress is reported together with our business results in our annual report. Our ESG strategy is based on the results of materiality assessment conducted every two years. This process includes receiving valuable input from stakeholders on what they consider to be Skanska’s most important focus issues.


We desire businesses to be socially responsible in many areas. We strive to initiate and participate in multiple initiatives related to education, ecology and charity. Our business strategy is all about delivering ideal office space to our clients, always involving the needs of the community.


Agata Brzezińska
Head of CEE
Agata Demuth
Osborne Clarke
Research & Advisory Director
Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys
President of SARP
Agnieszka Operhalska
Systems & Services Manager - O&I CEE
Signify Polska
Anna Jönsson
Vice President, Legal Counsel, CE
Anna Kicińska
Anna Kicińska Partner, Real Estate Advisory Group Leader, EY-Parthenon
Ernst & Young spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Corporate Finance sp. k.
Artur Apostoł
Managing Director - Real Estate Operations Poland
Hajo Engelke
Managing Director Westbridge Advisory International AG
Westbridge Adivisory International AG
Hubert Abt
CEO & Founder
New Work Offices
Jakub Jarczewski
Head of PR
Janusz Mizerny
Sustainability Manager
Sweco Polska sp. z o.o.
Jarosław Szczupak
President of the Management Board
ALSTAL Grupa Budowlana sp. z o.o. sp. k.
Jerzy Wójcik
Owner & CEO
Justyna Kędzierska-Klukowska
Head of Berlin Hyp Warsaw Office
Berlin Hyp AG Przedstawicielstwo w Polsce
Karol Bartos
Group Head of Asset Management
Atrium European Real Estate
Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek
Head of ESG & Sustainability
Savills Poland
Konrad Marciniuk
Miller Canfield
Magdalena Frątczak
Senior Director
CBRE Sp.z o.o.
Małgorzata Mirota-Karp
Deputy Chief Sustainability / Senior Sustainability Consultant
WSP Polska sp. z o.o.
Marcin Charchut
Board Member
Immobel Poland
Mariusz Witkun
Board Member
Trebbi Polska Sp. z o.o.
Michał Matera
Partner, Head of Real Estate practice in Poland
Allen & Overy
Michał Stachura
Board Member/CFO
L3 Sp. z o.o.
Nica Razvan
Managing Directir
Managing Director
Otis Sp. z o.o.
Piotr Paśko
Partner | Tax advisor
Szymon Wojciechowski
President of the Board
APA Wojciechowski sp. z o.o.
Tomasz Mika
Head of Industrial Agency • Leasing
JLL Poland
Waldemar Witczak
Wojciech Sztuba
Managing Partner
TPA Poland

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