For the Jury Awards, individual juries made up of leading market professionals are to choose the winning project or company in each category.

The list of jury members is confidential until the voting process has been closed. This will be announced and published on the website when the voting is finished. Jury members are to be asked to keep their participation confidential, to limit any potential influence from the candidates on the jury members.

Jury Awards Overview

Each category will be evaluated by its own jury. The number of jurors is very large and there is no limit for individual categories or in general. Every year the group of jurors is made up of around 200 members. The voting takes place electronically and the jury members never meet. Each category will be evaluated according to separate criteria.

The voting is to be done electronically, with all the votes to be sent directly to KPMG, which is to oversee the voting process. In no way will ‘Eurobuild CEE’ have any influence or control over the voting procedures. ‘Eurobuild CEE’ is itself excluded from the voting process.
Companies can put forward their own nominations for awards. Nominated companies and projects will be posted on this website. ‘Eurobuild CEE’ reserves the right not to accept nominations, for which a full explanation will be given. As usual, the nominations can be submitted free of charge, and this is open to all companies operating on the Polish market. If you would like to nominate your company, another company, your project or someone else’s project for an award, or if you would like to be considered as a jury member for one or more categories, please click on the links for: Enter the Awards and/or Jury registration.

This year’s categories are as follows:


  1. Office Agency Team of the Year, Poland
  2. Retail Agency Team of the Year, Poland
  3. Warehouse Agency Team of the Year, Poland 
  4. Investment Agency Team of the Year, Poland 
  5. Property Management Company of the Year, Poland
  6. Law Firm of the Year, Poland
  7. Tax & Financial Consultancy of the Year, Poland
  8. Construction Management Company of the Year
  9. Real Estate Construction Company of the Year, Poland


  1. New Office Building of the Year, CEE
  2. New Small Retail Format of the Year, CEE
  3. New Warehouse of the Year, CEE
  4. New Hotel of the Year, CEE
  5. PRS Investor of the Year, CEE
  6. City-Forming Project of the Year, CEE
  7. ESG Real Estate Leader of the Year, CEE
  8. Financing Provider of the Year, CEE
  9. Office Developer of the Year, CEE
  10. Retail Developer of the Year, CEE
  11. Warehouse Developer of the Year, CEE
  12. Investment Deal of the Year, CEE 
  13. Investor of the Year, CEE
Key dates and deadlines

Registration for the jury: April 1st – June 30th, 2022

Registration of the candidates for each category: April 18th – June 30th, 2022

Jury voting: September 6th-9th, 2022

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