22 January 2020

The best on the Baltic

The best on the Baltic

Konrad Danecki, responsible for the investor supervision of Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, picked up the Eurobuild Award for best office building manager in Poland according to tenants. This representative of the winning team now shares some of his thoughts and experiences with us

The commercial property management market is becoming more demanding and competitive. What do you have to do in order to stand out on this market?

To meet tenants’ expectations we continually have to increase the quality of services and the standard of buildings provided by Olivia Business Centre, all of which, combined with the further development of the management team’s competencies, allows us to meet the growing requirements of the market. The thing that certainly enables us to stand out from the competition is our self-reliance and independence when it comes to property management, as well as the structure of the department that manages Olivia by serving its tenants – the Olivia Team, which takes comprehensive care of all areas of the functioning of the buildings and the activity within them. With our focus on the effectiveness of such cooperation, we are able to constantly expand the range of services available in the complex, which includes medical centres, banking, restaurants, a nursery, a school, a conference centre, a fitness club and a car-wash with a tyre exchange service, thus allowing companies to focus on the most important activities of their employees by helping to streamline their daily operations.

Olivia Business Centre is the largest business complex in the region. This certainly presents you with many challenges. Which of these are the most satisfying to fulfil?

Our main goal is to understand the expectations of the companies located in Olivia. The honour we have been awarded represents confirmation that by developing and introducing new services for the tenants, their guests and contractors we have increased their well-being, while, importantly, maintaining the highest safety standards.

Is it difficult to maintain such a high standard of service in an office centre?

We are aware that expectations have been changing and therefore requirements are constantly increasing. So we examine the needs of tenants and other users of the facilities on an ongoing basis. All this is done so that we can focus our efforts on the most important areas.

How will you be celebrating the award?

The pleasure we have had from the wave of ​​congratulations since being presented with the award is one way we have been celebrating it. This has made it a special and unforgettable day for us.

What challenges will you, as Polamd’s best office managers, face this year?

This year the main challenge will be maintaining an adequate level of rent without reducing the quality of service for the tenants and the standard of the property’s maintenance. In 2020 we face the challenge of introducing a plan for optimising the consumption of utilities, so this year at Olivia Business Centre will be marked by energy saving – an important element of the Year of Environmental Education, which we will be encouraging our tenants to engage in.

Olivia reaches seven

With 150,000 sqm gla, the Olivia Business Centre on ul. Grunwaldzka in Gdańsk is the largest office complex in the TriCity (Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot). The centre has been under development since 2010 with one building constructed every year. So far the buildings already completed include Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four, Olivia Six, Prime A and Olivia Star. The construction of the project’s latest stage began in the spring of 2019. The complex will eventually comprise 230,000 sqm of office space.