• How is the voting carried out and how long does it take?

    The voting is done electronically. The jury members never meet to agree on a common verdict. Jury members reply to emails sent by independent consultancy KPMG, who will then process the votes in strict confidence. In order to vote jurors should write their first, second and third choices in their reply to KPMG. Eurobuild CEE will only be informed of who the top three in each category are.

  • When is the deadline for jury registration?

    The deadline for registration is 23rd October.

  • Do I get a free ticket to awards gala if I am a jury member?

    The registration doesn’t entitles jurors for a free ticket to the Eurobuild Awards Gala.

  • Is there any fee associated with the jury member function?

    There is no fee associated with the jury member function.

  • Is it possible to be a member of a jury for a category concerned with your own sector, if the company that person represents has not been nominated in any of the categories?

    In order to maintain the transparency of the vote and the most accurate and fair results, the juries cannot contain members judging their own professional sectors – even if the company represented by the juror is not a candidate in any category.

  • How can I apply to be a judge?

    To put your name forward as a juror, please complete the online form: Jury registration. Once you press the ‚submit’ button at the end, it should take no more than a minute to be processed.

  • Who are the judges?

    The Eurobuild Awards jury board consist of professionals with in-depth knowledge of their sector or category. Each competition category will be assessed by a separate group of jury members. The number of jurors is very large and there is no limit for individual categories or in general. Every year a group of jurors has about 200 members.

    Conditions of participation in the jury:
    Each person can be a jury member for up to four categories.
    There can only be one jury member per a company and per a category.
    Each company can provide jury members for several categories.
    Each jury member must be a recognised specialist of the category in question.
    Jury member must be manager level or above, and should be the most suitable person in the company to judge the category in question.

    Jury members can come from any field of expertise within the real estate industry. However, a person cannot be a jury member for a category in which his or her company has a project submitted, or in which he or she has a strong and direct interest. For example, an agent cannot be a jury member in the best agency team category and a lawyer cannot be a jury member in the law firm of the year category.

  • What is the voting procedure for the Popular Choice Awards?

    If there are more than five candidates, the winners of the Popular Choice Awards will be chosen in two stages. In the first stage the jury members will choose the top three projects to be voted on in this category. We ask all the jury members to vote in this stage, and since it is open to all jury members it is necessary to register for this category. The final vote will take place at the gala and is open to all the gala attendees, each of whom will be given a voting device. The nominees will be profiled before the event on our website.

  • How do you submit an entry for the Popular Choice Award category?

    As in the case of the Jury Awards, to make a nomination for the Popular Choice Award category you need to fill out the form on the project website: www.eurobuildawards.com .

  • Do you accept late submissions?

    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the submission and judging process, all submissions MUST be received by the deadline date.